10 Interesting Segmented Worm Facts

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Segmented Worm Facts talk about the ringed worms. Many people often call it the annelids.  The name was taken from the Latin word anellus. The meaning is little ring. There are around 17,000 modern species included in the segmented worms. Those include leeches, earthworms and ragworms. Here are some interesting facts about segmented worms for you:

Segmented Worm Facts 1: the place of living

The segmented worms are not only seen on the ground. You can find them living in freshwater, marine and terrestrial environment.  Check facts about Annelid here.

Segmented Worm Facts 2: what is the segmented worm?

The segmented worm is characterized as coelomate, triploblastic and bilaterally symmetrical organisms. The locomotion of this animal uses the parapodia.

Segmented Worm Facts

Segmented Worm Facts

Segmented Worm Facts 3: Lophotrochozoa

Lophotrochozoa is a super phylum of protostomes. The segmented worms are included in this super phylums along with other organisms such as nemerteans, flatworms, brachiopods and molluscs.

Segmented Worm Facts 4: the multiple segments

Just like its name suggested, the segmented worms have multiple segments. There will be the similar set of organs located on each segment.  The pair of parapodia is presented in most polychaetes. They are functional for the locomotion.

Segmented Worm

Segmented Worm

Segmented Worm Facts 5: the reproduction

The asexual reproduction is the most common one on segmented worms. But the sexual reproduction can occur. Get facts about Flatworm here.

Segmented Worm Facts 6: polychaetes

The lifecycle of polychaetes occurs by producing trochophore larvae. This larva will grow as an adult after it lives as plankton.

Segmented Worms Facts

Segmented Worms Facts

Segmented Worm Facts 7: Oligochaetes

The ring like cocoon is produced by Oligochaetes. The cocoon will produce the egg. It will hatch and create a new organism. The example of Oligochaetes includes earthworms.

Segmented Worm Facts 8: the predator

The birds such as storks and robins like to hunt earthworm as their main food. The mammals also like to hunt earthworm. Therefore, we should conserve the population of the segmented worms since they are important for the life of the endangered birds in the world.

Segmented Worms

Segmented Worms

Segmented Worm Facts 9: the invasive worms

The segmented worms can be invasive in certain situation. People think that the glaciers kill all native earthworms located in North America. But now they can be found in Asia and Europe. The invasive worms do not affect the northern hardwood forest because of the solid chemistry changes and lots of leaf duff.

Segmented Worm Facts 10: the marine segmented worms

As I have stated before the segmented worms can be found on the ocean too. More than one third of the animal lives in the bottom area of the tidal zones and coral reef are the marine segmented worms.

Facts about Segmented Worm

Facts about Segmented Worm

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