10 Interesting Porcupine Facts

Tuesday, November 18th 2014. | Animals

Get the information about one of the cutest rodents in Porcupine Facts. Have you ever touched this animal before?  You can spot it in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Philippine Porcupine is listed as the vulnerable animal. It means that the population of this porcupine can be interrupted in the near future. Check out more facts about porcupine by reading the whole post below:

Porcupine Facts 1: habitat

You can spot porcupine living in the grasslands, deserts or even forests. It is so hard to find porcupine living in the backyard of the house unless you live around a forest.

Porcupine Facts 2: the unique features

Porcupine is famous with its unique body.   It is covered with quills and sharp spines. It is estimated that porcupines have 30,000 quills all over the body. Get facts about porifera if you want to know another animal.

Porcupine Baby

Porcupine Baby

Porcupine Facts 3: touching the quills

Touching the quills of porcupine is very dangerous. The quills cannot be released if you are far away from the animal. If you touch the quills, they will hurt the skin. If the quills are released, the body can replace them with new ones.

Porcupine Facts 4: herbivores

Some people think that porcupine is omnivore. Actually it is herbivore because it only eats plants.  Porcupine prefers fruit, bark, stem and leaves.

Porcupine Climbs

Porcupine Climbs

Porcupine Facts 5: nocturnal animals

Do you know that porcupine is a nocturnal animal? It means that they do not sleep at night.  They are very active in the evening and sleep when the morning comes.

Porcupine Facts 6: a home

Porcupine creates their own home. You can call it a den.

Porcupine Facts

Porcupine Facts

Porcupine Facts 7: climbing a tree

Porcupine is very skillful when climbing a tree.  They have curved claws and strong feet which enable them to move from one tree to the other tree.

Porcupine Facts 8: way of living

Most porcupines decide to live alone. Therefore, they are included as solitary animals. But some of them decide to live in a small group. Usually it only consists of 6 members. They can live around 15 to 18 years old.

Porcupine Pic

Porcupine Pic

Porcupine Facts 9: mating season

When the mating season begins, we always imagine that the male will have the first move to get close with the female. In porcupine case, it is different. The female will be proactive to get close contact with male porcupine. get facts about another mating style in poodle facts.

Porcupine Facts 10: babies

The female porcupine gets 2 babies. The responsibility to take care of them is on male and female porcupine.



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