10 Interesting Firefly Facts

Saturday, January 25th 2014. | Animals

Firefly facts help any of you to know better about this animal. There are some important firefly facts to learn about. It is a beautiful insect. Some facts below can help you learn better about it. So, let’s discuss further.

Firefly Facts 1: beetles

It is true that firefly is not an insect. If you look up close, this animal is considered to be beetles. They have hardened forewings. The function of the fireflies’ forewings (elytra) is to balance the flight.

Firefly Facts 2: chemical reaction

Firefly is famous of the glow triggered by chemical reaction. It makes fireflies become bioluminescent. The light is produced by certain pigment named luciferin. There are also special formula named uric acid crystals. The light occurs on the part named photic organ.

Firefly Animal

Firefly Animal

Firefly Facts 3: males

Any male fireflies live focusing in finding mate. The purpose to glow within the night is to attract the mate. The female may remain immobile. They only move towards male owning the brightest glow.

Firefly Facts 4: flash pattern

Each of the species has different flash pattern. When they fly, fireflies use different flash fingerprint. It is based on the species.

Firefly at Night

Firefly at Night

Firefly Facts 5: sync up

The synchronization of the lights called as simultaneous bioluminescence. The unison of flashing only occurs in two different places globally. They are in Tennessee and South East Asia.

Firefly Facts 6: Rocky Mountains

You may never find fireflies within west of the Rocky Mountains. The reason is unclear.

Firefly Facts

Firefly Facts

Firefly Facts 7: poisonous?

Fireflies can be so much poisonous. It is not really recommended in eating fireflies. They are both nasty and actually kill people. They can conduct self defense called reflex bleeding. This may kill vertebrates which try to eat the fireflies. For human, it is not good as well.

Firefly Facts 8:  passive female

Mostly of European fireflies may never fly. They may remain flightless until they grow up. They are motivated to move for males who can attract them.

Firefly Sparks

Firefly Sparks

Firefly Facts 9: cannibalistic females

Fireflies have certain diet such as mites. They also love to eat pollen. There is special species of female named Photuris. They are cannibalistic. They are mimicking males’ flash pattern to attract them. Later, they chew down the males.

Firefly Facts 10: the larvae

The larvae will wait and follow trails of slugs or snails. Later, they paralyze them and eat.



It becomes good information to study facts about Firefly. For kids, this can be beneficial. Any adult also loves to read the information I think.

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