10 Interesting Sea Lion Facts

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Sea Lion Facts talk about the sea mammals included in the family Otariidae. The sea lion is very different with the fur seals even though both of them are included in the same family. The appearance of sea lions is characterized with the long fireflippers, external ear flaps, and thick hair. Do you know that this marine animal has the ability to walk on all fours? Here are other interesting facts about sea lions for you:

Sea Lion Facts 1: the range

You can find sea lions living in the tropical and subarctic water in the world. It can be found in Southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere. However, you will not find sea lions on the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Sea Lion Facts 2: the male sea lion

In average, the male California sea lion has the weight at 660 lb or 300 kg.  It has the length at 2.4 meter or 8 feet. The female is smaller than the male one.  It has the length at 1.8 meter or 6 feet. The weight of female sea lion is around 220 lb or 100 kg.

Sea Lion

Sea Lions

Sea Lion Facts 3: Steller’s sea lion

Steller’s sea lion is considered as the largest sea lion in the world.  The length can reach 3.0 meter or 10 feet. The weight of this sea lions is 2,200 lb or 1,000 kg.

Sea Lion Facts 4: the food consumption

The food consumption of a sea lion is very high. At one time, it can eat around 5 to 8 percent of the body weight. It means that this animal eats around 6.8 to 15.9 kilogram of food.

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Sea Lion Facts 5: the family and subfamily

As I have stated before, sea lion is included in Otariidae family along with fur seals. All of them are called eared seals. Talking about the sub family, fur seals are included in the Arcocephalinae, while sea lions are in the subfamily Otariinae. Get facts about sea cucumber here.

Sea Lion Facts 6: the dense underfur

The fur seal and sea lions are different because sea lions do not have the dense underfur.

Facts about Sea Lion

Facts about Sea Lion

Sea Lion Facts 7: Callorhinus

The genus of northern fur seal is Callorhinus.  The reports find out that the fur seals included in the genus share more similarities with sea lions than other genus of fur seals.

Sea Lion Facts 8: the common characteristics

The common characteristics of sea lion can be seen on the larger prey and greater bulk. The fur is short and coarse.

Sea Lion Facts

Sea Lion Facts

Sea Lion Facts 9: the popular attractions

You can find sea lions in various aquariums and zoos in the world because some of them are trained to entertain the audiences. Check facts about sea anemone here.

Sea Lion Facts 10: scuba drivers

The sea lions are trained to be a scuba driver in U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program.

Sea Lion Picture

Sea Lion Picture

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