10 Interesting Black Rhinos Facts

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Black Rhinos Facts tell you about one of the species of rhinoceros. People often call it holed lipped rhinoceros. It has the scientific name of Diceros bicornis. This unique animal is native to central and eastern Africa. There is no need to wonder that you can spot black rhinoceros in Namibia, South Africa, Cameroon, Angola, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania. Even though it is called black rhinoceros, actually the body color comes in grey to brown color. Here are other interesting facts about black rhinoceros for you:

Black Rhinos Facts 1: the variations

Many people believe that there are 7 to 8 subspecies of black rhinos.  One of them is on the brink of extinction, while the three of them were extinct in the historical era.

Black Rhinos Facts 2: Cape rhinoceros

Cape rhinoceros is often called as southern black rhinos. In 1850, this animal was extinct because of the habitat destruction and excessive hunting. It was abundant in south of Namibia, South Africa and Cape of Good Hope. Check out another animal in Raven facts.

Black Rhino Horn

Black Rhino Horn

Black Rhinos Facts 3: Uganda black rhinoceros

Uganda black rhinoceros are believed to survive in Kenyan reserves.  One of the subspecies can be found in western Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Black Rhinos Facts 4: North-eastern black rhinoceros

Another extinct black rhino in the world is North-eastern black rhinoceros. It was found in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan. Get facts about red kangaroo here.

Black Rhino

Black Rhino

Black Rhinos Facts 5: other subspecies

Other subspecies of black rhinos include Chobe black rhinoceros, South-western black rhinoceros, Western black rhinoceros South-central black rhinoceros, and Eastern black rhinoceros.

Black Rhinos Facts 6: the adult black rhinos

The height of the adult rhinos at the shoulder can reach 55 till 71 inches or 140 till 180 cm.   The weight is around 1,800 till 3,100 lbs and the length is around 9.8 till 12.3 feet.

Black Rhinos Facts

Black Rhinos Facts

Black Rhinos Facts 7: female and male

The male black rhino has larger body the female. The large specimen of a black rhino ever found comes in the weight at 4,848 till 6,385 lbs.

Black Rhinos Facts 8: the horns

When you see black rhinos, you must be impressed with the two horns on the skull.  In average, the length of the horns is 20 inches or 50 cm.  Both are made from keratin.

Black Rhinos

Black Rhinos

Black Rhinos Facts 9: the longest black rhinos

The longest horn of black rhino ever measured is at 4.9 feet or 1.5 meter.

Black Rhinos Facts 10: the white rhino

Compared to the white rhino, the black rhino is smaller.

Facts about Black Rhinos

Facts about Black Rhinos

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