10 Interesting Parrot Facts

Wednesday, July 10th 2013. | Animals

If you want to gain more information about birds, look at parrot facts in the post below. These animals are a popular pet in US. Some kids love to have a parrot as a pet rather than picking a cat or dog.  However, dogs are still the most favorite pet in US. Enjoy the facts about parrot below:

Parrot Facts 1: Species of Parrot

If you are interested to have parrot as your beloved animal at home, you need to choose the unique species of parrot. It is estimated that the animal has more than 372 different species spreading around the world.

Parrot Facts 2: Tropical Area

If you want to see the abundant parrots in the world, you need to go to the tropical areas like Caribbean, Hawaii or Indonesia. Those are the main habitat of this interesting bird.

Parrot Facts

Parrot Facts

Parrot Facts 3: Physical Appearance

You can differentiate parrots from any other birds by scrutinizing the physical appearance. They have clawed feet, strong legs and curved bills. The body has colorful feathers.

Parrot Facts 4: Intelligent Animal

People love to have parrots as a pet at home because it is intelligent. It can imitate human voice. That’s why many people are fascinated to have it to adorn the house.  The parrot swill is placed in a cage.

Parrot in Green

Parrot in Green

Parrot Facts 5: Food

When you want to give food to parrot, you can easily find it on the market. This animal likes to eat seed if they live in captivity. The wild parrots seek small insects, flowers, nectar and fruits.

Parrot Facts 6: Popular Pets

There are some popular parrots served as a pet at home. People like to choose cockatiel and budgewrigar parrots.

Parrot in Red

Parrot in Red

Parrot Facts 7: Unique Parrots

If you want to know the details of unique parrots in the world, you can visit New Zealand. The country is a home to the unique parrots of kakapos, kakas, and keas.

Parrot Facts 8: Keas

Keas are one of the unique parrots living in New Zealand. The animals like to damage car, steal small items and investigate bags. The alpine parrots are not only cheeky but intelligent.



Parrot Facts 9: Kakapos

Kakapos are the animals living in New Zealand. They are considered as the heaviest parrots in the world. The animals are endangered with only 130 individuals. Kakapos are active when the night comes because they are nocturnal animals. They like to eat pollen, plants, fruits and seeds.

Parrot Facts 10: Life Span

The life span of parrots is various. Some parrot species can live longer up to 80 years.

Red Parrot

Red Parrot

If you have parrots as your pet, you need to look after them well. Don’t forget to give it water and sufficient amount of food. Do you want to give more facts about parrot?

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