10 Interesting Sea Creature Facts

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Sea Creature Facts tell you about the organisms which live below in the marine environment. Many people think that only fish live in the marine environment. It is not true because you can find birds, reptiles, and invertebrates living here.  The diversity of the ocean organism is magnificent. Therefore, the scientists will never stop to explore and classify the marine animals. Here are some interesting facts about sea creature for you:

Sea Creature Facts 1: the birds

Birds can be found living in the marine environment. Some birds can adapt the water. Some of them are gannets, penguins, albatross, and auks. All of them are called the seabirds. Most of them spend their live in the ocean. However, you can find the gulls living in the inlands.

Sea Creature Facts 2: fish

When we talk about the sea creature, we should never forget about the fish. This animal can be found easily in the ocean. Talking about the anatomy, Fish has operculum, a two chambered heart, eyes, fins, scales, swim bladder, secretary cells and lips. Get facts about sea cucumber here.

Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures

Sea Creature Facts 3: the breathing system of fish

The gills are the important body structure which enables the fish to breathe the extracting oxygen from the water. The fish will be stable to swim inside the water for it has fins.

Sea Creature Facts 4: the categories of fish

Fish are separated in two main categories. Both are Elasmobranchii and Teleostei. Talking about the species of fish, only 32,700 of fish species have been classified and described. Actually there are still many fish in the world which have not been described. More than 60 percent of the fish in the world come from saltwater.  Check facts about sea lion here.

Sea Creature

Sea Creature

Sea Creature Facts 5: invertebrates

Besides fish and birds, you can also find invertebrates living in the sea. They make up large portion of the animals live in the ocean.

Sea Creature Facts 6: the type of invertebrates

Some invertebrates that you can find in the sea include sea anemones, jellyfish, octopus, squid, Annelida, shellfish, phyla Platyhelminthes, Nemertea, sea squirts, Chelicerata, Sipuncula, starfish, Echiura, Crustacea, Phoronida, Chaetognatha and Bryozoa.

Sea Creature Colorful

Sea Creature Colorful

Sea Creature Facts 7: Sirenians

The sea creatures included in Sirenians are the extinct Steller’s sea cow, dugong and manatees.

Sea Creature Facts 8: Cetaceans

The marine animals included in Cetaceans are blue whale, humpback whale, baleen whales, sperm whale, Dall’s porpoise, blue whale, gray whale, and dolphins.

Sea Creature Unique

Sea Creature Unique

Sea Creature Facts 9: the sea otters

The examples of marine animals in sea otter are badgers and weasels.

Sea Creature Facts 10: pinnipeds

Pinnipeds include walrus, sea lions and seals.

Facts about Sea Creature

Facts about Sea Creature

Are you impressed reading facts about sea creature?

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