10 Interesting Sea Urchin Facts

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Another interesting marine animal is explained in Sea Urchin Facts. The scientists have described around 200 species of sea urchins. They are included as echinoderm. If you are interested to find out sea urchins, you can see them on the rocky bottom of the coral reefs. They prefer the warm waters. Here are some interesting facts about sea urchins for you:

Sea Urchin Facts 1: the survival of sea urchins

The survival of sea urchins is affected by the environmental condition. The overfishing as well as the pollution of the ocean decreases the number of sea urchins. In Japan, people hunt sea urchins for sushi. It is included in the list of threatened animals in the world.

Sea Urchin Facts 2: the radial symmetry

The radial symmetry body is the main characteristics of sea urchins. Therefore, you can divide the body of sea urchins in five similar parts. Get facts about sea star here.

Sea Urchin Color

Sea Urchin Color

Sea Urchin Facts 3: the color

Sea urchins come in different colors. You can find it in green, purple, black, brown and red.

Sea Urchin Facts 4: the size

The species of sea urchin determines the size of the body. In average, it has the diameter around 1.2 to 3.9 inches. The body shape of sea urchin reminds you with the globe.  The long spines are located around the body. The soft inner parts of the body are protected by the bony plates.

Sea Urchin Facts

Sea Urchin Facts

Sea Urchin Facts 5: the tube feet

There are five rows of tube feet located on the lower part of the body.  The tube feet are very important for they contain the suckers which allow the sea urchins to move and hunt. The suckers remind us with the claw. Get facts about sea sponge here.

Sea Urchin Facts 6: the venom

Some sea urchins are venomous animals. One of the examples is the flower urchin. This animal has venom and spikes.

Sea Urchin Food

Sea Urchin Food

Sea Urchin Facts 7: “Aristotle’s lantern”

“Aristotle’s lantern” is the special type of mouth on sea urchin. It is easier for the sea urchin to drive a hole on the rock due to the presence of five sharp teeth on the mouth.

Sea Urchin Facts 8: omnivores

Sea urchin is omnivorous animal. It means that this animal eat animals and plants. The favorite menu of sea urchin includes plankton, algae, sea weed and decaying material.

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin Facts 9: the predators

The predators of sea urchins include sunflower stars, fish, sea birds, sea otters and many more.

Sea Urchin Facts 10: the mating season

In the spring, sea urchins mate.  The mating habit occurs in external fertilization by releasing the sperm and egg cells.

Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins

Are you fascinated with facts about sea urchin?

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