10 Interesting Greyhound Facts

Wednesday, March 5th 2014. | Animals

Greyhound facts are beneficial for those who love to study about animal. Greyhound is popular indeed for those who really pay attention about dog. Greyhound is very famous among modern people. So, you need only to read the facts below to study about this dog.

Greyhound Facts 1: fastest dog

People need to recognize that greyhound is the fastest breed of dog within the existence. In fact, this dog can reach the speed of up to 45 miles per hour. It is for over a short distance. Any of you need to recognize the fact about it.

Greyhound Facts 2: the law

There was a law that people will be punished by death if they hunt greyhounds. It was in 1014 AD. The reason was because the English Forest Laws stated so. The only people who were allowed to hunt greyhound were noblemen.

Greyhound Animal

Greyhound Animal

Greyhound Facts 3: racing greyhound

Greyhound was used and bred for their speed. They were susceptible to any congenital defects. They also suffered from temperament problems indeed. Many people conduct breeding about this dog indeed.

Greyhound Facts 4: unable to sit

Greyhound was the dog who often suffered problem in how to be able to sit. It is true that some can manage to sit yet it will be very uncomfortable indeed. The main reason was because the legs are too long and muscled up.

Greyhound facts

Greyhound facts

Greyhound Facts 5: odorless coat

Greyhound has short and odorless coat. It only was moults. This dog can really gain suitable living successfully with people.

Greyhound Facts 6: 45mph couch potators

There are people who often call this dog as 45 mph couch potatoes. The dog indeed can conduct sprint in very fast quality. Yet, the dog also really loves to sleep as well. They can snooze all the day.

Greyhound Image

Greyhound Image

Greyhound Heffley Facts 7: stereoscopic vision

This dog has stereoscopic vision. It means that this dog can gain simple vision toward moving objects. They also don’t see any stationary objects. The best way to call the greyhound is to call the dog while moving around.

Greyhound Heffley Facts 8:  the bible

This dog was the only breed which is mentioned in The Bible. It is in proverbs 30, verses 29-31.

Greyhound Pic

Greyhound Pic

Greyhound Facts 9: noble dog

This dog can be considered to be noble dog. The fact is that Queen Victoria and also King Henry VIII once kept greyhounds.

Greyhound Facts 10: addictive

You need to realize that greyhounds can be so much addictive. It means that if you are the owner of certain greyhound, you will always become the owner.



The facts about Greyhound can be obtained more from any different sources. The fact is that many people have gained more info from the internet. As you may recognize, there will be many articles discussing about this dog.

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