10 Interesting Scandium Facts

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Scandium Facts present the information about the periodic element with atomic number of 21. The symbol is Sc. The atomic weight of Scandium is 44.9559. During the room temperature, scandium is in solid shape.  It is classified as the rare earth metal and transition metal. The boiling point is 5136 degree F or 2836 degree C. The melting point is 2806 degree F or 1541 degree C. Here are other interesting facts about Scandium:

Scandium Facts 1: the discovery

In 1879, Lars Frederik Nilson discovered Scandium. In the periodic table, it is located at the first element in the third column.

Scandium Facts 2: the density

Scandium has the density of 2.985 grams per cm cubes.   This rare earth metal has 21 protons and 21 electrons. The outmost shell has 2 valence electrons.

Scandium Element

Scandium Element

Scandium Facts 3: the silvery white metal

The color of scandium is silvery white metal in standard condition. It reminds you with the color or texture of aluminum. You can have the scandium in yellow or pink color when it is exposed to the air. It makes the scandium tarnish.

Scandium Facts 4: the acids

Scandium is very resistant to corrosion because it will not react with oxygen. The pure form of scandium will react with acids. It is often used as a substitute of aluminum because of the high melting point of scandium.

Scandium Facts

Scandium Facts

Scandium Facts 5: the rare element

As I have stated before, scandium is included as a rare element. It is included is the fifth most common element. You can only find a small amount of scandium in minerals. Euxenite, gadolinite and thortveitite are some minerals which contain scandium. The byproduct of fluorine or tantalum is mined for scandium.

Scandium Facts 6: the price of scandium

Scandium is made of metal alloys. However, due to the expensive price of scandium, people often use titanium and aluminum. Both are cheaper than scandium.

Scandium Pic

Scandium Pic

Scandium Facts 7: the usage of scandium

The durable alloys can be made by combining aluminum and scandium. They are often used to create high end baseball bats, firearms, golf clubs, and aircraft components. Scandium is also used to create lighting for the movie production and sporting events. Get Rhodium facts here.

Scandium Facts 8: Lars F. Nilson

Lars F. Nilson was the Swedish chemist who discovered scandium. In 1879, he could discover it when he had experiments with gadolinite and euxenite minerals. The first metallic scandium was produced in 1937.

Scandium Texture

Scandium Texture

Scandium Facts 9: the word

The name of the element was taken from Scandia. It is the Latin word for Scandinavia, the homeland of Nilson. Get Ruthenium facts here.

Scandium Facts 10: the natural isotope

Scandium-45 is the natural isotope of Scandium. Actually this element has several isotopes.



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