10 Interesting Steroid Facts

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Steroid Facts talk about the medication abusively used by the athletes to enhance their performance on the field or track. If you check the sport news, the scandal of using steroid is regularly seen in the stories of the athletes. The track stars, cyclists, football players or even baseball players have been accused of using steroid. Let’s check other interesting facts about steroid below:

Steroid Facts 1: the young athletes

The young athletes are accused of using steroid because they want to be faster, more powerful and stronger on the field.

Steroid Facts 2: the usage of anabolic steroid

There was a research conducted to find out the rate of boys and girls who used the anabolic steroid. It was known that 2.5 percent of teen girls and 5 percent of teen boys have used the steroid.

Facts about Steroid

Facts about Steroid

Steroid Facts 3: the illegal steroid

The usage of steroid is considered as an illegal act. It can harm the boys and girls since the effect will show up years later.

Steroid Facts 4: the awareness of the negative effect of steroid

The kids should be aware with the negative effect of steroid so that they can stay away from this drug. They should know more about the side effects of steroid to decrease the risk of using the drug.

Steroid Drugs

Steroid Drugs

Steroid Facts 5: the drugs of steroid

Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids are included as steroids. Both of them are drugs. The legal one is cortisone. It is a form of Corticosteroids that can be used to control the body inflammation. The doctor will prescribe it to the patient. It is also used to treat lupus and asthma.

Steroid Facts 6: anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids gain more attention from the people for they are not the same with corticosteroids. The bodybuilder and athletes often illegally use it.

Steroid Facts

Steroid Facts

Steroid Facts 7: Anabolic steroids

Can you tell me what anabolic steroids are? When the people consume it, the ability of the body to produce the muscle is increased. The muscle breakdown can be prevented too. The production of this steroid is from the synthetic hormone. Get facts about smoking cigarette here.

Steroid Facts 8: why the athletes consume the anabolic steroid?

The athletes consume the anabolic steroid because they want to have heavier weight, more power, and more endurance. They believe that they can hit farther, run faster and jump higher by consuming this synthetic hormone.



Steroid Facts 9: a prescription

If you consume the anabolic steroid without any prescription in United States, it means you break the law. Check facts about physical therapy here.

Steroid Facts 10: the chemical structure

The chemical structure of anabolic steroid is similar with the natural sex hormone of testosterone.

Steroid Pic

Steroid Pic

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