10 Interesting Rhodium Facts

Thursday, February 12th 2015. | Science

Rhodium Facts tell you about a member of the platinum metal group. It is symbolized in Rh in the periodic table. Compared to platinum, Rhodium has higher melting point and lower density. It comes in silver white color. The atomic number is 45. Check out more facts about Rhodium in the following explanation below:

Rhodium Facts 1: William Hyde Wollaston

William Hyde Wollaston discovered Rhodium in 1803. He could discover Rhodium and palladium in the similar way when he made an experiment with South American platinum ores.

Rhodium Facts 2: the experiment

When he experimented with salt Wollaston, he could get rhodium metal.  When he experimented with the ore, he could earn red rhodium.

Rhodium Element

Rhodium Element

Rhodium Facts 3: the uniqueness

Rhodium is unique since the outer shell only has one electron. Therefore, Rhodium is not like the other members in group 9 of periodic table.

Rhodium Facts 4: the stable isotopes

Rhodium has 25 radioactive isotopes. Rh-1034 is the only stable isotope of natural Rhodium. 18 of 25 radioactive isotopes can only live for less than one hour. Get facts about Radon here.

Rhodium Facts

Rhodium Facts

Rhodium Facts 5: one of the rarest elements

We can say that rhodium is one of the rarest elements on the earth. Do you know that rhodium only occupies .00002 parts per million of earth crust.

Rhodium Facts 6: the price

Due to the rarity of Rhodium, the price of this element is very high. Therefore, the usage of Rhodium for the industrial and commercial factory is very limited. Moreover, it is not easy for the people to extract Rhodium from ore.  Check out Radium facts here.

Rhodium Jewelry

Rhodium Jewelry

Rhodium Facts 7: the nuclear fission

Rhodium can be produced from the nuclear fission of Ur-235 in the form of waste product. It is just like Ruthium.

Rhodium Facts 8: the main usage of Rhodium

Even though Rhodium is very expensive, it is mainly used in automobile catalytic converters. The reports state that more than 87.2 percent of the production of Rhodium is used for this purpose.

Rhodium Pic

Rhodium Pic

Rhodium Facts 9: the application of Rhodium converted in automobile

By using Rhodium in automobile converter, it can reduce the harmful emission produced by the car. The carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses will be converted in non harmful gasses.

Rhodium Facts 10: jewelry making

Rhodium is also used in jewelry making by coating the silver and platinum. It can avoid tarnish on the surface of the jewelry.



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