10 Interesting Technetium Facts

Thursday, December 24th 2015. | Science

Technetium Facts talk about the chemical element which has the atomic number 43. The symbol of this element is Tc. Technetium does not have any stable isotopes. In the periodic table of element, it has the lowest atomic number. Technetium is included as a radioactive element. Therefore, the people have to handle it carefully. Get other interesting facts about Technetium below:

Technetium Facts 1: the production of Technetium

Do you know the method for producing Technetium? The scientists employ the synthetic production to create almost all kinds of Technetium. It is hard for the people to find out the element in the nature.

Technetium Facts 2: the chemical properties

Let’s find out the chemical properties of Technetium. This crystalline transition metal has the silvery gray color. Find facts about sodium here.

Facts about Technetium

Facts about Technetium

Technetium Facts 3: Dmitri Mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev had predicted the properties of technetium before it was discovered. He realized that there was a gap in the periodic table. But the element had not been discovered. He called the element Em or ekamanganese for its provincial name.  Get fact about Tantalum here.

Technetium Facts 4: an artificial element

The first predominantly artificial element produced in 1937 was technetium.  The name technetium was derived from the Greek word. It means artificial.

Technetium Facts

Technetium Facts

Technetium Facts 5: technetium-99m

Technetium-99m is very important for the medical world. There are various diagnosis tests which employ this element to create a nuclear medicine. Technetium-99m is considered as the nuclear isomer which emits the short lived gamma ray.

Technetium Facts 6: the other usages of Technetium-99

The other usages of Technetium-99 are for producing nanoscale nuclear batteries and optoelectronic devices.

Technetium Image

Technetium Image

Technetium Facts 7: a catalyst

During the chemical reaction, technetium can be used as a catalyst. The usage of technetium is more effective during the reaction of dehydrogenation of isopropyl alcohol.  However, the safety is always the primary problem when using this element as the catalyst due to the radioactivity.

Technetium Facts 8: the biological role

The body of human being normally does not contain any technetium. Therefore, this element does not have any biological role.

Technetium Properties

Technetium Properties

Technetium Facts 9: how to handle technetium

As I have stated before, the element should be handled carefully for all isotopes of technetium. Technetium-99 is considered as the most common isotope. The wall of the laboratory glassware can be used to stop the radiation.

Technetium Facts 10: the hazard

The primary hazard that you need to concern when you work with this element is located on the dust inhalation. When the lung is exposed to dust of this radioactive element, it can increase the risk of having cancer.



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