10 Interesting Limestone Facts

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Find out one of the most useful rocks in the world by reading Limestone facts. Limestone is composed from CaCO3 and rock. The other components of this limestone are determined by the place of formation. You can find that a limestone is composed from calcium carbonate with pyrite, feldspar, clay and quartz. Check more facts about limestone by reading the following post:

Limestone Facts 1: formation

Let’s talk about the formation of limestone.  When an object located in the water creates sediment, it usually makes up limestone. It contains calcium carbonate. Since the formation is inside the water or in wet area, the limestone usually is also filled with fecal matter, shells and algal.

Limestone Facts 2: limestone rock types

There are several types of limestone rocks that you need to know. Those include tufa, chalk, and coquina, lithographic, fossiliferous and oolitic. If you want to know the precious stones, check gemstone facts.

Limestone Facts

Limestone Facts

Limestone Facts 3: Chalk

Chalk is a type of limestone created from the calcareous shell and small marine organism. Talking about the color, it comes in light grey or white color. The texture is very soft and fine.

Limestone Facts 4: Fossiliferous

Just like its name, Fossiliferous is created from the shell and skeletal fossils. If you find out the limestone located on the hot spring or even lake, it is usually tufa limestone.

Limestone Grey

Limestone Grey

Limestone Facts 5: Travertine

Travertine has light color. It has two kinds of based on the texture. You can call it as onyx marble if the travertine is not porous. If it is porous, it is called tufa.

Limestone Facts 6: Coquina

Coquina is created from the broken shell of debris. The formation of this limestone usually is on the beaches. If you want to know the limestone in white or yellow color, you can see pisolitic limestone.

Limestone Image

Limestone Image

Limestone Facts 7: the Great Pyramid

Not many people realize that the casing stones on the Great pyramid in Egypt are created from limestone.

Limestone Facts 8: places to find limestone

If you want to get limestone, you just have to visit the shallow water area. It can be found abundant in the regions of Indian Ocean, Indonesian Archipelago, and Pacific Ocean islands, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.

Limestone Pic

Limestone Pic

Limestone Facts 9: construction and in architecture

Limestone is very important in construction and architecture. People often use it as the main material to create floor tiles, stair treads, window sills, and facing stones.

Limestone Facts 10: a dietary supplement

Do you know that the component limestone called calcium carbonate can be used as a dietary supplement for the cattle and chicken?



Other usages of limestone are to make acid neutralizing agents, to produce heat resistant roofing and to provide refining processes. Do you have any opinion on facts about limestone?

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