10 Interesting Saint Paul Facts

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Saint Paul Facts present the information about the Patron Saint of London. His real name actually was not Paul, but Saul. After he converted into Christianity, he changed his name into Paul. He was born circa 3 AD at Tarsus, Cilicia. It is the present day turkey. He passed away on AD 64. He was beheaded.  Let’s find out more interesting facts about Saint Paul below:

Saint Paul Facts 1: who is Saint Paul?

Saint Paul is included as one of the famous apostles even though he was not included as one of 12 Apostles. During the 1st century world, he taught the gospel of Christ.

Saint Paul Facts 2: foundation of churches

Saint Paul was an influenced apostle for he established several churches in Europea and Asia Minor in his mid 30s and mid-50s. He contributed a lot to the spread of Christianity.

Facts about Saint Paul

Facts about Saint Paul

Saint Paul Facts 3: the audiences

It was easy for Saint Paul to reach the Roman and Jewish audiences because he held two citizenship. He was a Roman and Jew citizen. Get facts about Jews Religion here.

Saint Paul Facts 4: how he embraced Christianity?

As I have stated before, Paul’s real name was Saul. He embraced Christianity after he was struck blind when Jesus appeared to him with great light.  It made him unable to see for three days. The Ananias of Damascus restored his vision. After this wonderful experience, he began to preach to the people that Actually Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the Jewish Messiah.

Saint Paul Facts

Saint Paul Facts

Saint Paul Facts 5: New Testament

If you check New Testament, you can find that 14 of 27 books were referred to Saint Paul’s life and work.

Saint Paul Facts 6: the Christ in the point of view of Saint Paul

Paul believed that Christ was the end of the law. He also credited by saying that the world outside the church of Christ as under judgment.

Saint Paul Pic

Saint Paul Pic

Saint Paul Facts 7: the teaching of Paul

Many historians and experts believed that some of Paul teachings, messages and practices were different from the origin of Jesus.

Saint Paul Facts 8: arrest

He became the prisoner for two years at Caesarea. Since he was a Roman citizen, he wanted to have a trial in Rome.

Saint Paul Image

Saint Paul Image

Saint Paul Facts 9: the journey to Rome

His journey to Rome to get the trial had to be canceled because of the shipwrecked accident. He had to stay in the Island of Malta. Get facts about Saint Patrick here.

Saint Paul Facts 10: death

Roman Emperor Nero hated the Christians and blamed them due to the damages which occurred in Rome. Saint Paul was beheaded after he was arrested.

Saint Paul

Saint Paul

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