10 Interesting Louis Joliet Facts

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One of the important persons who contributed a lot of in the discoveries of North America is seen in Louis Joliet facts. He was a French Canadian explorer. He was last seen on May 1700. The exact death is not known by people. Let’s find out the facts about Louis Joliet by reading the article below:

Louis Joliet Facts 1: date of birth

Louis Jolliet or Louis Joliet was born on 21st September 1645. He was famous as the first non native explorer to travel and map the Mississippi River in 1673. He went to the area with a catholic priest and missionary named Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette.

Louis Joliet Facts 2: early life

Talking about his place of birth, he was born in a French settlement located near Quebec City. His father passed away when he was only seven years old. His mother remarried again with a wealthy merchant.

louis jolliet statue

louis jolliet statue

Louis Joliet Facts 3: stepfather

His stepfather was very rich. He was the owner of the land on Ile d’Orleans. It was an island located in Quebec. At the young age, he was able to speak the aboriginal language because he spent most of his time in Ile d’Orleans.

Louis Joliet Facts 4: French fur trade

The center of French fur trade was located in Quebec.  The native people would trade with others here. Since the young Joliet liked to observe them, he knew a lot of about the life of the people and fur trading.

Louis Joliet Expedition

Louis Joliet Expedition

Louis Joliet Facts 5: education

Let’s find out the education of Louis Joliet. He studied at a Jesuit school in Quebec. In 1662, he had a minor order. In 1667, he decided not to become a priest. This young man was fluent in French, English and Spanish.  His study was focused on religion and philosophy.

Louis Joliet Facts 6: music

Louis is also interested to study about music.  He became a church organist and harpsichordist. But he decided to be involved in fur trading than becoming a priest.

Louis Joliet Facts

Louis Joliet Facts

Louis Joliet Facts 7: exploration

Jolliet and Marquette began the exploration on 18th May 1673. Both had two canoes to depart from St. Igance. He also took five Métis people during the exploration.

Louis Joliet Facts 8: expedition to Mississippi River

As I have stated before Louis Jolliet was very famous with his exploration in the Mississippi River with Marquette. Both explored 700 or 435 miles of Mississippi river of the Gulf of Mexico. Then both turned back north and reached Arkansas River.

Louis Joliet Pic

Louis Joliet Pic

Louis Joliet Facts 9: marriage

In the later years after his exploration in the Mississippi river, he married Claire-Francoise Byssto de la Valtrie. She was a Canadian woman. His father was Francois Byssto de la Riviere.

Louis Joliet Facts 10: Island of Anticosti

Joliet was gifted an Island of Anticosti in 1680.  In this island, he established soldiers and a port. Check another explorer in Juan Ponce De Leon facts.

Louis Joliet Statue

Louis Joliet Statue

He was called as Royal Hydrographer in 1693. Then he was named as Jolliest on 30 April 1697. Do you want to share opinion on facts about Louis Joliet?

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