10 Interesting Jewish Religion Facts

Friday, May 2nd 2014. | Religion

Jewish religion facts give you information about Judaism. It is one of the oldest religions in the world. Judaism believed in one god. So it is included as a monotheistic religion.  The Jewish people spread around the world. You can see them living in US, Europe or even Israel. Look at the post below to know more facts about Jewish religion.

Jewish Religion Facts 1: God

God has a nickname based on the point of view of the Jewish people. They often call the god as the chosen people.

Jewish Religion Facts 2: monotheism

Do you know that the first religion which taught people with one god doctrine is Judaism? As I have stated before, it is the first monotheism religion.

Jewish Religion Baby

Jewish Religion Baby

Jewish Religion Facts 3: Torah

Torah book is often called by people as the Tree of Life. You can find this book on the first five books in the Bible. This Holy book contains the teaching and law of Judaism.

Jewish Religion Facts 4: the value

The Torah and Talmud present some values based on the faithfulness of the people. They include Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist and Reform.

Jewish Religion facts

Jewish Religion facts

Jewish Religion Facts 5: Rabbis

The spiritual authorities in Judaism are called the Rabbis. The main function of the Rabbis is to give the exact meaning of the Jewish law and interpret the Bible which contains the Torah. The place of worship for the Jewish people is called Synagogues.

Jewish Religion Facts 6: foundation

Are you interested to know the foundation of Judaism? It is found on the Ten Commandments.

Jewish Religion Image

Jewish Religion Image

Jewish Religion Facts 7: the important day

One of the important days in Jewish religions is the Sabbath day. People also call it as the day of rest. The day starts on Friday Night and finishes at the sundown of Saturday. Find out more holy days in Judaism facts.

Jewish Religion Facts 8: Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is called as the Day to Atonement. To find out when the day begins, you need to look at the Jewish lunar month. It falls on the 10th day in the lunar month of Tishri.

Jewish Religion Pic

Jewish Religion Pic

Jewish Religion Facts 9: Rosh Hashanah

Another important day in Jewish religions is Rosh Hashanah.  The meaning of the phrase in Hebrew is the beginning of the year. But many people refer it to the day or repentance and day for judgment.

Jewish Religion Facts 10: Pesach

Pesach has another word of Passover.  It is the festival of Jewish people to celebrate the exodus of the Israel people in 1200 BC from the Egyptian slavery.

Jewish Religion

Jewish Religion

The Jewish religions were created as a part between the God and Abraham around 2000 BCE. The statistics stated that there are 13,746,100 Jews in the world. Do you have any opinion on facts about Jewish religion?

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