10 Interesting John Deere Facts

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Read the interesting John Deere facts if you want to understand the famous invention and blacksmith.  John Deere is famous with his company. He contributed a lot of the development of the Midwestern United States. His products made people process the land easily. Let’s find out more about John Deere by reading the following facts below:

John Deere Facts 1: a polished-steel plow

In his Grand Detour located in Illinois, John Deere created his a polished-steel plow in 1937. This invention made the job of the farmer easier when they wanted to cut the furrows.  The soil in the Midwest prairie was filled with sticky furrows. Without the plow, it is very difficult to make it clean.

John Deere Facts 2: name

The name John Deere Blacksmith transformed into John Deere manufacturer in 1838. In 1839, he created 10 plows. In 1841, his company built 75 plows. In 1842, his company created 100 plows.

John Deere Company

John Deere Company

John Deere Facts 3: Leonard Andrus

Deere decided to work with Leonard Andrus. Both became a co-partner to create plows in 1843. He expanded the plow business to Moline, Illinois in 1848. It is located 75 miles southwest of Grand Detour.

John Deere Facts 4: Moline business

Moline was a good location in Illinois for the plow business because it was filled with good transportation and water power. Robert N Tate was selected as the new partner of John Deere in plow business. He built three story blacksmith shops there.

john deere Facts

john Deere Facts

John Deere Facts 5: name of a new company

He changed the name of his company in 1950 as Deere, Tate & Gould.

John Deere Facts 6: name of company

The name of his company is known by people with different versions after in 1852 Deere bought out his partners. People called it as Deere & Company, Moline Plow Manufactory, John Deere, Deere & Company.

john deere inventor

john Deere inventor

John Deere Facts 7: Charles

John Deere’s only living son was Charles. His was involved in the family business when he was 16 years old in 1853. He worked in the company as a bookkeeper after he graduated from Chicago commercial college.

John Deere Facts 8: managerial arrangement

The managerial and ownership arrangement were shuffled due to the financial panic across the nations. The managerial power was given to Charles Deere who was only 21 years old at that time in 1858.  His father, John Deere still sat as the president in the company. Charles Deere got the chance to run the company for 49 years. If you want to know another successful person in US, read John D Rockefeller facts.

John Deere Logo

John Deere Logo

John Deere Facts 9: Civil War

The civil war in US gave positive effect on the development of Deere Company.  The small farmers bought the farm machinery to develop their farming methods.

John Deere Facts 10: moulds

In 1864, the patent of moulds was taken by John Deere. This part was very important to create the high quality casting steel plows.

John Deere Products

John Deere Products

In 1868, John and Charles Deere were the owners of 65 percent of the stock in Deere & Company. Now, the company is still strong. Are you fascinated with facts about John Deere?

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