10 Interesting Elizabeth Blackwell Facts

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Elizabeth Blackwell facts give beneficial information about the first female doctor in United States. Having a professional degree or skill in the past was not an easy thing to do for a woman. However, Blackwell is lucky enough to enjoy the skill. This woman is not only famous as a doctor but also as a women right activist and abolitionist. Let red more about her below:

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 1: date of birth

Elizabeth Blackwell was born on 3rd February 1821 in Bristol England. His mother was Hannah Blackwell, while his father was Samuel Blackwell.

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 2: early life

Elizabeth was raised by a religious family. This Blackwell family is famous with their religious Quakers.

Elizabeth Blackwell  facts

Elizabeth Blackwell facts

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 3: children in the family

There are nine children in Blackwell family. Elizabeth was the third one. All of the girls and boys in Blackwell family had good education.

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 4: moving place

In 1832, his father Samuel Blackwell had to move his family to New York since he could not afford to pay his taxes. Since the family was very religious in Quaker belief, all of them were involved much in the abolitionist movement.

Elizabeth Blackwell  Quotes

Elizabeth Blackwell Quotes

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 5: death of father

In 1838, the family had to move to Cincinnati. In the city, her father died. There was no financial resources that the family owned to stay survive.

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 6: teaching job

In 1839, Elizabeth had no other option besides taking a teaching job in Kentucky. She earned the money to pay for her medical school.

Elizabeth Blackwell  Young

Elizabeth Blackwell Young

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 7: Dr. John Dickson

In 1845, Elizabeth decided to move to North Caroline. At that time, there was no medical school which accepted a woman student. Thus, she went to the home of Dr John Dickson to read medicine.

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 8: Geneva College in New York

In 1847, she was enrolled in Geneva College in New York to study medicine. However, many people treated her badly since medicine was not a good career path for women.  On 11th January 1849, she got his degree in medicine as the top student in her class.

Elizabeth Blackwell Book

Elizabeth Blackwell Book

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 9: moving to Paris

In 1849, she decided to move to Paris since there was no hospital acquired her to practice her medical skill.

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts 10: Civil war

When the civil war started, Elizabeth trained many women to become nurses. Because of her good record during the civil war, she became a Professor of Gynecology at the London School of Medicine for Women.

Elizabeth Blackwell Book

Elizabeth Blackwell Book

In 31st May, 1910, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell passed away in her home Hastings. She was 89 years old at that time. Are you interested with facts about Elizabeth Blackwell?

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