10 Interesting Eduardo Paolozzi Facts

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Look at the Eduardo Paolozzi facts if you want to know about one of the best artists and sculptors. Paolozzi was born on March 7th, 1924. He died on April 22nd, 2005. This man was Scottish. He was considered as the first man who displayed the pop. Many people called him as the key person in Pop art.

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 1: early life

Paolozzi is the eldest son of an Italian Immigrant living in north Edinburgh, Scotland. There was an interment occurred when Italy declared the war to Britain.

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 2: study

In 1943, Paolozzi decided to study at Edinburgh College of Art.  Then he continued the study at Saint Martin’s School of Art a year later.

Eduardo Paolozzi Art

Eduardo Paolozzi Art

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 3: another school

Between 1944 and 1947, Paolozzi decided to pursue his education at Slade School of Fine Art at University College London. Then he worked in Paris France.

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 4: acquaintances

His acquaintances affected his works so much. When he moved in Paris, France between 1947 and 1949, he was friends with some artists such as Georges Braque, Alberto Giacometti, Constantin Brâncu?i, Fernand Léger, and Jean Arp.

Eduardo Paolozzi facts

Eduardo Paolozzi facts

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 5: lost-wax sculptures

The influence of his acquaintances such as Giacometti could be seen in Paolozzi’s work of the lost wax sculptures. In his works, he decorated the surface with machine parts and studded objects.

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 6: Peter Boizot

Peter Boizot and Paolozzi were great friends. Peter Boizot was the founding father of the Soho Jazz festival, Pizza Express restaurant and jazz rooms.

Eduardo Paolozzis Blake

Eduardo Paolozzis Blake

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 7: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art got many contents of Poalozzi’s studio in 1994. Then in 1999, the dream gallery was opened to display all collections by Poalozzi.

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 8: stroke

Paolozzi experienced a fatal stoke in 2001. There was a magazine reporting that he died. But it was not true. The stroke made him to sit on the wheelchair. In 2005, he died in a hospital in London.

Eduardo Paolozzi Pic

Eduardo Paolozzi Pic

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 9: Design Museum

Design Museum was the home to Paolozzi’s sculpture head of invention. You can see it in the front page of the museum located on the Thames, London.

Eduardo Paolozzi Facts 10: Pallant House Gallery in Chichester

Pallant House Gallery in Chichester displayed more than 100 works of Paolozzi in the summer 2013. Some of them include his paper collage, ceramics, textiles, and sculpture.



In 1995, this man created the bronze sculpture Newton after William Blake. It was located on the piazza of British library. Do you have any opinion on facts about Eduardo Paolozzi?

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