10 Interesting Jay-Z Facts

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Jay-Z facts give the incredible information about the famous rapper. This man is very rich.  He is not only a singer, but also a rapper, writer and producer. Now he lives a happy life with her wife, Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Let’s find out more about Jay-Z by reading the following post below:

Jay-Z Facts 1: real name

Jay-Z was born with the full name Shawn Carey Carter. But her nick name is Jazzy since most people in the neighborhood call him with that name.

Jay-Z Facts 2: weight of Jay-Z

When he was born, people were amazed with his weight at 10 lbs.8 oz.  Her mother never felt any pain during the delivery of the baby Jay-Z.



Jay-Z Facts 3: bike

When he was only four years, he learned on how to ride a bike. To make the young Jay-Z out of the trouble, her mother decided to give him a boom box.

Jay-Z Facts 4: Jaz-O

Jaz-O is considered as his music mentor. He was a East Coats MC. In Jaz-O’s song entitled the Originators, he was with Jay-Z.

Jay-Z  And Wife

Jay-Z And Wife

Jay-Z Facts 5: Roca-A-Fella

Roca-A-Fella is a label founded by Jay-Z with Kareem Biggs Burke and Dame Dash. Since he could not secure his own label, he had to work with others to establish the label.

Jay-Z Facts 6: Reasonable Doubt

Jay-Z thinks that Reasonable Doubt is his favorite album.  He considered it as the best album by him.

Jay-Z Facts

Jay-Z Facts

Jay-Z Facts 7: water crisis

Many people do not know that Jay Z is caring about the crisis of water in the world.

Jay-Z Facts 8: Nickname

Jay-Z had a nickname. Some people call him Hova. It is gained from the world Jahovah or J-Hova.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z Facts 9: Colleek D. Luckie

Colleek D. Luckie is a nephew of Jay-Z. He was very sad that his beloved nephew was killed in a car accident in 2005.

Jay-Z Facts 10: charity

Jay-Z is rich and kind. He and Diddy gave 1 million dollar to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They want to inspire others to do the same thing.

Jay-Z Pic

Jay-Z Pic

Jay Z and Beyonce married on 4th April 2008. Both conducted a high class party in Tribeca apartment. Are you fascinated with facts about Jay-Z?

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