10 Interesting Enid Blyton Facts

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Enid Blyton Facts inform the readers with the famous children writer from England. She was born on August 11th, 1897 and died on November 28th, 1968. Her full name is Enid Mary Blyton. Since 1930s, she had released various bestselling books around the world. The number of sales of her books is around 600 million copies. Even though Blyton is no longer with us, the popularity of her books is still high. Check other interesting facts about Blyton below:

Enid Blyton Facts 1: the popularity of Blyton’s books

Due to the amazing popularity of Blyton’s books, they have been translated in more than 90 languages.

Enid Blyton Facts 2: the first book of Blyton

In 1922, the first book of Blyton was published. It contained a 24 page collections of poems. The title of the book is Child Whispers.

Enid Blyton Books

Enid Blyton Books

Enid Blyton Facts 3: the themes

There are various themes covered in Blyton’s books. Most of them are centered on the biblical narratives, education, mystery, natural history, and fantasy.

Enid Blyton Facts 4: the famous books of Blyton

Can you mention the famous books of Blyton?  People always recognize Noddy as the most notable work of Blyton.  You can also read The Enchanted Wood (1939), Adventures of the Wishing Chair (1937), and The Famous Five series.

Enid Blyton Facts

Enid Blyton Facts

Enid Blyton Facts 5: the commercial success

Blyton was a commercially successful writer. Do you know that in a year, she generated around 50 books? She also contributed to newspaper and magazines.

Enid Blyton Facts 6: the rumors

Due to the fast speed of works on her numerous books, there was a negative rumor. Some people believed that she hired a number of ghost writers. The rumor was completely rejected by Blyton.

Enid Blyton Pictures

Enid Blyton Pictures

Enid Blyton Facts 7: the controversy

Even though Blyton was very famous and popular, she was involved in controversy. The Noddy series was the controversial one among parents, teachers and literary critics. Her books were banned in some schools and libraries. The books were seen as xenophobic, racist and sexist. Get facts about Susan Hill here.

Enid Blyton Facts 8: the life of Blyton

The life of Blyton was a subject in Enid. It was a BBC film. The role of Blyton was depicted by Helena Bonham Carter.

Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton Facts 9: Blyton’s works in 1930s

She was interested to use ancient myths to create her books in 1930s. She chose the ancient Roman and ancient Greek themes for making books. Some interesting books to read are Tales of Robin Hood, Tales of Ancient Greece and The Knights of the Round Table. Find facts about Derek Landy here.

Enid Blyton Facts 10: The Enchanted Wood

If you want to know a story related to a magic tree, check The Enchanted Wood by Blyton. In 1939, the book was published.

Enid Blyton Pic

Enid Blyton Pic

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