10 Interesting Richard Arkwright Facts

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If you are interested to know one of the leading figures in the beginning of industrial revolution, you have to look at Richard Arkwright Facts. Arkwright was famous as an entrepreneur and inventor. He was born on 23 December 1732 and passed away on 3 August 1792. His famous invention was the water frame. It was a spinning frame linked with water power. Find out more facts about Arkwright below:

Richard Arkwright Facts 1: the patent

Another patent that he had besides the water frame is a rotary carding engine. The function of this engine was to transform the raw cotton into a cotton lap.

Richard Arkwright Facts 2: the achievement

Arkwright had a great achievement after he created a machine which could transform the raw material of cotton into the mass produced yarn. He combined the semi skilled labor with power and machinery.

Richard Arkwright Facts

Richard Arkwright Facts

Richard Arkwright Facts 3: the mill

Arkwright was the owner of a mill located at Cromford, Derbyshire.  There is no need to wonder that he was called as the creator of the modern factory system. His nickname is as the Father of The Industrial revolution.

Richard Arkwright Facts 4: place of birth

Arkwright was born on 23 December 1732 in Preston, Lancashire, England.  There were 13 children in the family and he was the youngest one.

Richard Arkwright Image

Richard Arkwright Image

Richard Arkwright Facts 5: parents

Let’s find out the parents of Arkwright. His father was only a Preston Guild burgess and a tailor named Thomas. His mother was Sarah.

Richard Arkwright Facts 6: education

Arkwright did not have a formal education since the parents could not afford the cost. But he was taught to write and read by his cousin, Ellen.

Richard Arkwright Patent

Richard Arkwright Patent

Richard Arkwright Facts 7: an apprentice

Arkwright became the apprentice of a barber, Mr. Nicholson. Therefore, he began his career as a wig maker and a barber. In the beginning of 1750s, he set a shop at Church gate in Bolton. Get another figure in Rene Decartes facts.

Richard Arkwright Facts 8: the waterproof dye

One of his earlier inventions was the waterproof dye that people used to color the fashionable wigs.  The income from this invention was used to finance his cotton machinery prototype.

Richard Arkwright Pic

Richard Arkwright Pic

Richard Arkwright Facts 9: the marriage

In 1755, he married Patience Holt. Both has a son named Richard Arkwright Jr. But his first wife died in 1756. Then in 1761 he married Margaret Biggins. Both had three children.

Richard Arkwright Facts 10: achievement

People realized his achievement. In 1786, he was knighted.  Moreover, he served as a high sheriff in Derbyshire. Check out another inventor in James Watt facts.

Richard Arkwright

Richard Arkwright

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