10 Interesting Tennis Facts

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One of the interesting sports in the world is explained on Tennis Facts. Tennis is also a popular sport. Many people love to play this game. This racket sport can be played individually or in group. If you decide to play in a team, each team consists of two players. The sport is applied by using a tennis racket to hit the hollow rubber ball over the net on the court of the opponent. Let’s find other interesting Tennis Facts below:

Tennis Facts 1: the object of the game

Do you know the object of playing tennis? When you play the game, you have to make sure that the opponent is not able to return the ball in good return. Therefore, you can earn the point.

Tennis Facts 2: Th popularity of tennis

As I have stated before, tennis is one of the most popular sport games in the world.  The people at all ages and any classes of society like to play this game.

Tennis Image

Tennis Image

Tennis Facts 3: the Olympic sport

Tennis is also included as an Olympic sport. There is no need to wonder that it attracts the attention of the people during the tennis competition in the Olympic sport.

Tennis Facts 4: the wheelchair users

The people who have to use wheelchairs for a life time can play this port as long as he or she is capable of holding the racket.

Tennis Picture

Tennis Picture

Tennis Facts 5: the origin of modern tennis

Let’s find out the origin of modern tennis game. In the end of 19th century, the people in Birmingham, England created the lawn tennis.

Tennis Facts 6: the relations with other lawn games

Tennis is highly associated with other lawn games such as bowls and croquets. The word tennis was used to refer to tennis not lawn tennis in 19th century.



Tennis Facts 7: the famous tennis competition

The famous tennis competitions which attract the people’s attention include US Open, Grand Slam tournaments, French Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open. Find facts about sport here.

Tennis Facts 8: the beginners

If you are a beginner and you want to play tennis, you only need a racket and a ball.

Facts about Tennis

Facts about Tennis

Tennis Facts 9: a tennis racket

A tennis racket is considered as the most important equipment.  The components of tennis racket include strings and handle. In the past, the animal guts were used to create the strings, while the wood was used to create the handle and shape. Find facts about table tennis here.

Tennis Facts 10: the tennis ball

The cloth strips were originally used as the material to create the tennis balls. Now it is made of the vulcanized rubber.

Tennis Pic

Tennis Pic

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