10 Interesting Pilates Facts

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Pilates Facts explain the interesting exercise that men and women can do to reshape the body. Many people always associate Pilates with yoga. But actually is not a derivative of yoga. It is a physical fitness system which is not a form of yoga. Therefore, you have to find out more facts about Pilates here.

Pilates Facts 1: Joseph Pilates

Who was the inventor of Pilates? Joseph Pilates was the inventor of Pilates. He worked as a physicist.  When you learn about Pilates, you will know that the physical and mental health is related each other.

Pilates Facts 2: how to learn Pilates?

If you decide to be involved with Pilates as a sport to reshape the body, you need to prepare the apparatus and method. Both are the important items if you want to conduct the right exercise.

Pilates Exercise

Pilates Exercise

Pilates Facts 3: apparatus

The apparatus that you can use when you exercise Pilates including mats. This item will go hand in hand with you. If you choose the traditional form of Pilates, you can use tables and chairs.

Pilates Facts 4: the modern Pilates

If you check out the modern Pilates, there are various kinds of tools used during the exercise time. You can use exercise balls, rollers, resistance bands and rotating disks. But a mat should be presented in the studio for it is the main apparatus.

Pilates Facts

Pilates Facts

Pilates Facts 5: maximum concentration

When you decide to pick Pilates as the main exercise, ensure that you can concentrate more when doing this exercise. The exercise is not really important since the most important one is the way you will finish the exercise.

Pilates Facts 6: the second name

Pilates has another name. People also called it contrology. It is used as the second name of Pilates. The system of Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates who believed that when people exercised Pilates, they will have the full control over the body and muscle.

Pilates for Good Body

Pilates for Good Body

Pilates Facts 7: benefits

There are many kinds of benefits that you can get from Pilates. The experts state that this exercise can increase the health of the abdominal muscle, limbs and back muscles.

Pilates Facts 8: breathing

When you do the exercise, ensure that you can control the breath. With the proper breathing technique, you can make the organs of the body healthy all of the time. Most movements in Pilates involve the slow breathing.

Pilates Health

Pilates Health

Pilates Facts 9: Mat-based Pilates

Mat-based Pilates involves with the main usage of mat.

Pilates Facts 10: Equipment based Pilates

When you do Equipment based Pilates, you need to use weights and equipments.



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