10 Interesting Surfing Facts

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Surfing Facts tell you about the popular water sport in the world. During the summer season, people will gather at the beach to do various kinds of interesting activities. One of them is surfing. They will the surf to catch the wave on the beach. This wave rider is not easy to do since you have to ride the surf so that it is on the top of the wave. The surfer will be carried by the wave into the shore. Let’s find out other interesting facts about surfing below:

Surfing Facts 1: the suitable waves

The surfers often catch the waves in the ocean.  Actually you can also do surfing in the rivers and lakes due to the standing wave.

Surfing Facts 2: the artificial waves

If you do not have time to go to the sea, beach, or river, you can use the artificial waves in the artificial wave pools and from boat wakes. Get facts about skydiving here.



Surfing Facts 3: the definition of surfing

Can you define surfing? This sport is always associated with the act of riding a wave. The wave can be ridden with or without a board. If you check the modern definition of surfing, it is considered as the act of riding a wave using the surfboard. It is called as a stand up surfing. But the people who live in the Pacific can surf using paipo, alaia or other crafts.

Surfing Facts 4: paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is considered as a variety of stand up surfing. If you are interested to do surfing on bodyboard, it is called as a body boarding. It is also a form of surfing. The surfer can lay on their drop knee or belly. Find facts about skiing here.

Surfing Sport

Surfing Sport

Surfing Facts 5: other forms of surfing

There are several other forms of surfing. Those include the surf matting, knee boarding and using foils.

Surfing Facts 6: body surfing

It is called body surfing if you surf without using any board. Therefore, you have to catch the wave using the body. The people consider it as the purest form of surfing.

Surfing Pic

Surfing Pic

Surfing Facts 7: The standing up surfing

The standing up surfing is considered as the common type of surfing performed by various people in the world. It is divided in three forms. Those are the stand up paddle surfing, short boarding and long boarding. The differences of those divisions can be seen on the kind of wave, riding style board length and board design.

Surfing Facts 8: the largest wave ever surfed

The largest wave ever surfed in the world was ridden at Nazaré, Portugal by Garret McNamara. It has the length at 23.8 meter or 78 feet. It was written in Guinness Book of World Records.

Surfing Facts

Surfing Facts

Surfing Facts 9: the famous location to surf

The famous location to surf in Australia is Margaret River and Crescent Head.

Surfing Facts 10: in Asia

If you are in Asia, you can go to Arugam Bay to surf.

Facts about Surfing

Facts about Surfing

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