10 Interesting the Winter Olympics Facts

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One of the major sporting events in the world is explained on the Winter Olympics Facts. This international event is conducted every four years. The sports competed in the Winter Olympics are performed on snow and ice. That is why it is called Winter Olympics due to the different types of sport conducted during the Summer Olympics. Chamonix, France was the first host of Winter Olympic in 1924.

The Winter Olympics Facts 1: the original five sport

The curling, bobsleigh, skating, ice hockey and Nordic skiing are the original five sports of Winter Olympics.

The Winter Olympics Facts 2: the Nordic skiing

The Nordic skiing was divided in some disciplines like ski jumping, Nordic combined, and cross-country skiing.

the Winter Olympics

the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics Facts 3: skating

Two disciplines were found in skating. Both were speed skating and figure skating. Find Facts about Sochi Olympics here.

The Winter Olympics Facts 4: the Winter Olympics Games

In 1924 until 1936, the Winter Olympic Games were conducted once every four years. The Second World War interrupted this international event.

the Winter Olympics Torch

the Winter Olympics Torch

The Winter Olympics Facts 5: the Winter Olympic Games after the Second World War

The Winter Olympics Games were conducted again every four years after it was re-held in 1948. Both Summer and Winter Olympics were conducted in the same years until 1992.

The Winter Olympics Facts 6: the expansion

The Winter Olympic Games were expanded and developed. A number of sports have been added in the games such as the freestyle skiing, snowboarding, short track speeding skating, luge and Alpine skiing.

the Winter Olympics 2009

the Winter Olympics 2009

The Winter Olympics Facts 7: the global attention

The Winter Olympics Games received the global attention from the people due to the rise of television and communication.

The Winter Olympics Facts 8: the host of Winter Olympics Games

The Winter Olympics Games have been hosted in various countries in the world. In 1932, 1960, 1980 and 2002, United States became the host. Japan was appointed as the Winter Olympics host in 1972 and 1998. Read Also Facts about the Undertaker here.

the Winter Olympics Pic

the Winter Olympics Pic

The Winter Olympics Facts 9: the future hosts for Winter Olympics

Beijing is appointed as the host city for 2022 Winter Olympics Games. On the other hand, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The Winter Olympics Facts 10: the winter weather

The winter weather is considered as the most important factor, which determines the requirement for the host city. There is no need to wonder that the cities of southern hemisphere have never applied or even selected as the host for Winter Olympics Games.

the Winter Olympics Facts

the Winter Olympics Facts

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