10 Interesting Rome Facts

Friday, March 27th 2015. | Cities

Let me show you one of the famous cities in Europe in Rome Facts. Have you visited this magnificent city? Rome is rich of history. You can find beautiful architecture and arts here.  There is no need to wonder that Rome is always called as the Eternal City in the world. It stands for more than 3,000 years. Here are some interesting facts about Rome for you:

Rome Facts 1: the name

There are several possibilities of the origin of the word Rome.  Some people think that it is taken from the Etruscan word rhome. The meaning of this word is river or strength. Other people think that it is derived from the daughter of Aeneas, Roma.

Rome Facts 2: a sovereign state

There is a sovereign state located in Rome. It is Vatican City. It is considered as the smallest state in the world.

Rome Tour

Rome Tour

Rome Facts 3: Cappuccino

Cappuccino is the name of the famous drink in Rome. Actually it was taken from the Roman order of monks called the Capuchin. They wore a Capuchin or a hood.

Rome Facts 4: The Capuchin Crypt

One of the interesting places to visit in Rome is The Capuchin Crypt. You can find a 60 meter corridor. There are five chapels here. You can also spot the bones of 4,000 monks here. Get facts about Italy here.

Rome Travel

Rome Travel

Rome Facts 5: Nero

Nero is one of the famous Roman Emperors. Do you know that he killed his wife Octavia and killed his mother Agrippina?

Rome Facts 6: a phallic symbol

The door of the houses in Ancient Rome was often decorated with a phallic symbol. It was used to give fertility and good luck to the occupants. Most of the ancient Roman’s lucky charms were created from the miniature of phalluses.

Rome Facts

Rome Facts

Rome Facts 7: Colosseum of Rome

If you decide to visit Rome, the important building that you should never miss is Colosseum. It becomes the trademark of the city. The architectural design is very beautiful. It also represents the ancient value of Rome. Find out another interesting city in Naples Italy facts.

Rome Facts 8: the establishment of Colosseum

It took 12 years to complete the establishment of Colosseum. The spectators could enjoy a very large sun roof which could be stretched.

Rome And Ruins

Rome And Ruins

Rome Facts 9: pale skin

The pale skin was very popular during the ancient Rome. Therefore, many women would use the lead paste to smear the face.

Rome Facts 10: hippopotamus skin

Hippopotamus skin was used by the men to make their hair grow in ancient Rome.

Rome and Vatican

Rome and Vatican

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