10 Interesting London Facts

Thursday, June 19th 2014. | Cities

London facts explain the information about the most culturally vibrant city in the world. London is full of attractions. You can fine museums and galleries here.  In total, there are 857 galleries that you can visit in London. If you are interested to know more about London, read the following post below:

London Facts 1: languages

Even though the main language of the people in London is English, you need to know that every day 300 different languages are spoken by the people. This city is filled with people from different cultures and countries.

London Facts 2: UNESCO world heritage sites

There are four places in London listed in UNESCO world heritage sites. Those are Westminster Palace, Tower of London, Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens and Maritime Greenwich. Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret’s Church are included in Westminster Palace.

London Big Ben

London Big Ben

London Facts 3: museums

If you like to learn about history and antiques, you need to visit a museum. London is a home of 170s museums.  If you like to know Rosetta stone created in 196 BC, you need to go to British Museum. Rosetta stone is very important to decode the culture and life of ancient Egyptian people.

London Facts 4: music performance

If you like to enjoy the musical performance, you need to go to London. There are 300 venues used to show 17,000 musical performances every year. One of the most popular musical venues is located in O2 arena.

London Facts

London Facts

London Facts 5: festivals

What about the local festival held in London?  In a year, there are 250 festivals conducted in London.  There are at least one million people go to London to watch Notting Hill Carnival. Another popular festival is the Mayor’s Thames festival.

London Facts 6: visual art

The visual art sector in London is very popular around the world. It occupies 30 percent of the global art Market. There is no need to wonder that London dominates the art sector in Great Britain.

London Image

London Image

London Facts 7: films

There are many films created with the background of London. Some biggest movies that were captured in London include Notting Hill, Harry Potter, Bond’s Sky fall and A Clockwork Orange.

London Facts 8: cinema screen

It seems that the people in London love to go to the cinema. A fifth of the cinema screens in UK are located in the city.

London Images

London Images

London Facts 9:    Wilton’s Music Hall

The oldest surviving musical hall in the world is located in Wilton’s Music Hall, London. This building was constructed in 1743.

London Facts 10:    Artist

Some artists coming from London include Coldplay, Adele and Amy Winehouse. Check Adele facts here.



London Fashion Week is an annual fashion show which gathers attention all over the world. In 2012, the fashion week collected £100m of orders. The TopShops collection was viewed in more than 100 countries.Are you interested with facts about London?

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