10 Interesting Inverness Facts

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Find out Inverness facts if you want to know one of the city in Florida. Inverness is famous with its beauty. You can go to Inverness Florida, you can enjoy sightseeing here. This small city is a perfect place for the people who want to enjoy the village area.  Here are the history, residence and attraction in Inverness Florida.

Inverness Facts 1: location

Let’s find out the exact location of Inverness, Florida. It is located in Citrus Country.  The city is 61 miles from Tampa Florida and 20 miles from Spring Hill Florida.

Inverness Facts 2: name

The former name of Inverness is Tompkinsville.  The city was built in 1889. The name was changed into Inverness after the name of a city located in the town of Scotland. The Scotsman who gave the name Inverness was very fascinated with the beauty of Lake Tsala Apoka in the city.

Inverness County Club

Inverness County Club

Inverness Facts 3: Inver term

The name of the city also has a meaning. Inver means the mouth of the river. The word Ness is picked after the name of the river called River Ness flowing in this city. River Ness got its named from Loch Ness.

Inverness Facts 4: parks

Inverness is one of the major cities with wonderful attraction in Florida. You can enjoy various parks here such as the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Waccasassa Bay Preserve State Park, Fort Cooper State Park, Rainbow Springs State Park and Lake Louisa State Park.

Inverness Facts

Inverness Facts

Inverness Facts 5: golf clubs

If you like to play golf, you can do it when you come to the city. There are many famous golf clubs that you can visit such as Twisted Oaks Golf Club, Inverness Golf & Country Club and Lakeside Golf Course.

Inverness Facts 6: Inverness Regional Shopping Center

If you are a woman who loves to go shopping, you can do it in Inverness. Even though this city is small, it does not mean that you cannot find wonderful fashion items here. Inverness Regional Shopping Center is the most popular shopping destination.

Inverness Florida

Inverness Florida

Inverness Facts 7: festival

If you come to Inverness, it is recommended for you to visit it when the city celebrates the famous festival. You can enjoy the Citrus County Fair and Great American Cooter Blast festivals.

Inverness Facts 8: Ocala International-Jim Taylor Field Airport

Ocala International-Jim Taylor Field Airport is the nearest air port to catch if you want to visit Inverness by using air transportation.  It is okay to use your car if you want to enjoy sightseeing along Florida.

Inverness Pic

Inverness Pic

Inverness Facts 9: population

Inverness was a home to more than 7,210 based on the census conducted in 2010.

Inverness Facts 10: total area

Inverness is the city with the total area of 21 kilometer square or 8.1 square miles.



Follow that Dream is the movie by Elvis Presley. The movie was shot in the historic courthouse downtown in the city in 1961. Are you fascinated with facts about Inverness?

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