10 Interesting Wolverhampton Facts

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Wolverhampton Facts narrate the ideas about the city located in West Midlands, England. It was a home for 249,470 people according to 2011 census. In 985, the town was established by Wulfrun.  In the past, woollen trade was considered as the primary commodity in the market town.  The economy was centered on car manufacturing, lock making, steel production, motorcycle manufacturing and coal mining during the industrial revolution. Let me show you other impressive facts about Wolverhampton below:

Wolverhampton Facts 1: the present day economy

The present day economy of Wolverhampton is centered on service sector and engineering. The aerospace industry is also found here.

Wolverhampton Facts 2: Domesday Book

In 1086, Domesday Book recorded Wolverhampton as the Hundred of Seisdon and the county of Staffordshire.

Wolverhampton Facts

Wolverhampton Facts

Wolverhampton Facts 3: in 1830s

In 1830s, Wolverhampton was visited by Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent. Later she was recognized as Queen Victoria. The town was dirty according to her. However, she felt that the town was pleasurable and friendly.

Wolverhampton Facts 4: during the Victorian time

Wolverhampton was developed into a rich city during the Victorian period because the industries were flourished in the city.  The area was filled with high amount of iron and coal deposits.

Wolverhampton Pic

Wolverhampton Pic

Wolverhampton Facts 5: the remains of the wealth

The Mount, Wightwick Manor and Tettenhall Towers still have the remains of the city’s wealth.

Wolverhampton Facts 6: the first representative

The first representative for Wolverhampton was established due to the Reform Act in 1832. On March 15, 1848, it was infused as a part of a municipal borough. In 1889, it was transformed into County Borough.



Wolverhampton Facts 7: railway

In 1837, Wolverhampton had its first railway. Wednesfield Heath had the first railway station. In 1965, demolition took place on the station.

Wolverhampton Facts 8: immigration

Wolverhampton became the major site for immigration because of the Irish Potato famine. The people from Ireland and Wales moved to Wolverhampton in 19th century due to the plight. Get facts about West End Brisbane here.

Wolverhampton Facts

Wolverhampton Facts

Wolverhampton Facts 9: bicycle industry

In 1868 until 1975, bicycle industry was prominent in Wolverhampton. At that time, the town was a home for more than 200 bike companies. Today, it has no bike industry.

Wolverhampton Facts 10: the city council

The city council is located in Civic Centre. “Out of darkness cometh light” is considered as the motto of the city council. It is recently controlled by the labour party.

Facts about Wolverhampton

Facts about Wolverhampton

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