10 Interesting Nairobi Kenya Facts

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Nairobi Kenya Facts present the interesting capital city of Kenya. It is famous as the most dynamic city. Many people call it as a green city in the sun. There are at least 4 million people living in Nairobi. Therefore, it is called as the largest city in the country. Find out more facts about Nairobi below:

Nairobi Kenya Facts 1: the capital city of Kenya

The capital city of Kenya is located in Nairobi. Based on the history, the city was established in 1899 as a railway stop. But it soon became the capital of British East Africa. In 1963, Kenya got the independence.

Nairobi Kenya Facts 2: condition in Nairobi

If you think that the city is rich, you are wrong. It is the home to the Africa’s largest slum. But you can find some beautiful suburbs and major businesses here.

Nairobi at Night

Nairobi at Night

Nairobi Kenya Facts 3: temperature

Even though Nairobi is located in Africa, you do not need to feel hot.  The temperature in the city is very cool because it sits on the plateau.

Nairobi Kenya Facts 4: the languages

There are two most spoken languages in Nairobi. Both are English and Swahili.

Nairobi City

Nairobi City

Nairobi Kenya Facts 5: traveling to Nairobi

You have to be careful when you visit Nairobi because the crime rate is very high. However, you can enjoy a lot of fascinating places in the city. You can see the wildlife parks located five miles from the center of Nairobi.

Nairobi Kenya Facts 6: transportation

There are many kinds of transportation that you can use when you want to reach Nairobi. You can use tuk tuk, matatu or even the modern one, Taxi. Many visitors decide to use the traditional transportation for fun.

Nairobi Facts

Nairobi Facts

Nairobi Kenya Facts 7:   Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is the famous park in Nairobi.  You can view 400 species of birds, wildebeest and black rhino sanctuaries.

Nairobi Kenya Facts 8: museums

There are many museums that you can visit in Nairobi. You can go to the Kenya Railway Museum, National Museum, and the Karen Blixen Museum.

Nairobi Travel

Nairobi Travel

Nairobi Kenya Facts 9: Carnivore Restaurant

One of the unique restaurants serving you with full meat is Nairobi Carnivore Restaurant. You will be served with wild dishes. Other restaurants to visit are the Thorn Tree Café, Tamarind and Alan Bobbe’s Bistro

Nairobi Kenya Facts 10: hotel

Don’t worry about the place to stay in Nairobi. You can spend the right at Ngong House. It is the luxurious hotel in the city. Check Kenya facts here.



Nairobi becomes one of the important cities in the world for it a great international trading hub. Do you want to comment on facts about Nairobi Kenya?

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