10 Interesting Naples Italy Facts

Monday, August 18th 2014. | Cities

Naples Italy Facts present the facts about one of the famous Italian cities. Naples is often visited by foreign tourists all over the world.  The biggest city in Southern Italy is inhabited by 1 million people. Here are the complete facts about Naples Italy.

Naples Italy Facts 1: capital city

Naples is called as the capital of Campania Region. If you want to reach Naples from Rome, you just have to drive the car for two hours on the south of Rome.   It is situated between the sea and Vesuvius volcanoes.

Naples Italy Facts 2: name

The name Naples is derived from the name of Greek Neapolis. It means a new city.  Many people love to come to Naples because it has charming scenery.

Naples Beaches

Naples Beaches

Naples Italy Facts 3: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Naples Italy is also the home to UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find historical center and architectonic patrimonyis building in Naples.

Naples Italy Facts 4: The famous ancient site

If you visit Pompeii, you can find the famous ancient site.  In 79 AD, the famous building was buried because of the eruption of Vesuvius. If you want to see the site, you need to do a lot of walking to reach it.

Naples Italy Facts

Naples Italy Facts

Naples Italy Facts 5: the port

You can also find the famous port in Italy. It is considered as the large one the country and visited by people for fun activities. You can also enjoy an incredible view by visiting Vesuvius volcanoes.

Naples Italy Facts 6: The fortress-palace building

This fortress-palace building in Naples is another popular place to visit. You can go to Maschio Angioino or Castel Nuovo. It was built in the era of the Aragonese and Angevins. People can enjoy the beautiful architecture on the castle.

Naples Italy Caves

Naples Italy Caves

Naples Italy Facts 7: the Arc de Triomphe

Pietro de Martino and Francesco Laurana were the designers of Arc de Triomphe. You can also enjoy monumental Castello dell’Ovo located in a small island. You can reach it by walking on the bridge linked to the main island.

Naples Italy Facts 8: other places to visit in Naples

Other interesting places in Naples include Porta Capuana, Castel Capuano and Castel Sant ‘Elmo.

Naples Italy Images

Naples Italy Images

Naples Italy Facts 9: the oldest continuously inhabited cities

Do you know that one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world is located in Naples, Italy? During the second millennium BC, the area was inhabited by Bronze Age Greek settlements.

Naples Italy Facts 10: World War II

During the World War II, the most bombed Italian city is Naples. But now Naples is developed with subway network and big buildings. Find out World War 2 Facts here.

Naples Italy

Naples Italy

The city is ranked in the fourth position of the largest urban economy in Italy.  It is below Milan, Rome and Turin. Are you impressed with facts about Naples Italy?

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