10 Interesting Hamburg Germany Facts

Wednesday, March 12th 2014. | Cities

Get more Hamburg Germany facts if you want to know one of the most famous cities in Germany. Hamburg is a good city to visit. You can enjoy beautiful scenery when you live here. It is considered as the second largest city in Germany. The first one is located in Berlin. Here are the facts about Hamburg Germany.

Hamburg Germany Facts 1: population

As I have stated before Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin.  It is the home to more than 1.8 million people. It is one of the 16 federal states in the country. You can visit Hamburg by going to the northern part of Germany.

Hamburg Germany Facts 2: attraction

Many people think that the only cities in Germany which give you a lot of types of attraction are only Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. Hamburg is fun. You can enjoy various nightclubs and modern pubs here.

Hamburg Germany Bridge

Hamburg Germany Bridge

Hamburg Germany Facts 3: harbors

The people who love to enjoy the scene of water need to visit the harbors in Hamburg. There are many ships and historical monuments here.

Hamburg Germany Facts 4: the long walks in the parks

Hamburg is one of the clean cities in Germany. You can enjoy a long walk here while you are enjoying the beauty of the flowers and plants in the parks.

Hamburg Germany facts

Hamburg Germany facts

Hamburg Germany Facts 5: the official name

People know this city by calling it Hamburg. Actually it has a very long official name of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The name of the city was derived from the name of the first castle built in this region.

Hamburg Germany Facts 6: size

Hamburg is big. Compared to Paris, it is seven times bigger. It has the area of 292 square miles or 755 square kilometer. Compared to London, it is twice bigger. The area is inhabited by 1.8 million people.

Hamburg Germany Pic

Hamburg Germany Pic

Hamburg Germany Facts 7: the second largest port in Europe

When talking about water, ship and port, you can find them in Hamburg.  This city is the home to 13,000 vessels. This port makes people visit the city for the beauty and scenery.

Hamburg Germany Facts 8: green city

If you love to visit the greenest city in Germany, you need to go to Hamburg. You can see the garden; parks and natural preserve areas which make up 14 percent of the city. You can find few skyscrapers here.

Hamburg Germany Ports

Hamburg Germany Ports

Hamburg Germany Facts 9: city of river

Hamburg gains the name of city of river because it has a lot of canals and rivers. Compared to Amsterdam and Venice, Hamburg has more bridges.

Hamburg Germany Facts10: the popular cities

Hamburg is one of the most popular cities in Germany because if offers people with private museums, theaters, musical halls and cabarets.

Hamburg Germany

Hamburg Germany

If you visit Hamburg, you can go to Alster Lake, Blankenese, Altona Fish Market, and Hamburger Dom. What do you think on facts about Hamburg Germany?

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