10 Interesting Italy Facts

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One of the countries in the world with highest number of tourists is explained in Italy facts. Italy is a magnificent country. It has many old and classic sites that you can explore when you visit it. You can enjoy the unique building and play soccer here. Find out more about the history, official language, and attraction by scrutinizing the following post.

Italy Facts 1: size

Let’s talk about the size of Italy. Italy spans on the area of 116,400 square miles. Compared to Arizona, the country is a bit larger.

Italy Facts 2: population

Even though Italy is very small, it is one of the most populous countries in the world.   The country is the home to more 58,126,212 people based on the census in 2009.



Italy Facts 3: name

The name Italy comes from the word Italia. It means calf land.  Many experts believe that it is named as Italy due to the famous bull symbol of the tribe living southern Italy.

Italy Facts 4: Rome

If you decide to visit Italy, you need to reach Rome first. This is the capital city of Italy.  The nick name of Rome is the Eternal city.  It was established since 3,000 years old. When you visit Rome, you can enjoy the Sistine Chapel, the Teri fountain and Coliseum.

Italy  Rome

Italy Rome

Italy Facts 5: topography

If you visit Italy, you will be amazed with the landscape of this country. More than 80 percent of this country is filled with hills and mountain.  Italy is the perfect gateway for the people who want to enjoy cool landscape.

Italy Facts 6: cuisine

People love to enjoy the Italian cuisines. In 1986, the first McDonald’s was opened in the country. To make sure that all Italian people still loved with their culinary heritage, the food purists gave free spaghetti to all people.

Italy Dance

Italy Dance

Italy Facts 7: Italian Cheese

Italy is famous with their cheese. You can find mozzarella, provolone and parmesan cheese here.

Italy Facts 8: The University of Rome

The University of Rome is famous with the name La Sapienza. It means knowledge. It is considered as one of the oldest universities in the world. In AD 1303, the Catholic Church established the university.

Italy Venice

Italy Venice

Italy Facts 9: states

Italy is very unique because it is the home of two independent states.  Both are the Vatican City and Republic of San Marino. Both states are located within Italy.

Italy Facts 10: San Marino

The oldest republic in the world is located in San Marino. It was established in AD 301.

Italian People

Italian People

Monte Bianco is considered as the highest Peak in Europe. This White Mountain has the height of 15,771 feet. Do you have any objection on facts about Italy?

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