10 Interesting Salzburg Facts

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Salzburg Facts tell you about one of the important cities in central Austria. The location of this city is at the northern of the Alps. Actually it is ranked the fourth position of the biggest city in the Austria after Vienna, Graz and Linz. The city is occupied by at least 150,000 citizens. In 1815, Salzburg was included as an area in Habsburg Austria. Get more interesting facts about Salzburg below:

Salzburg Facts 1: fame

Salzburg is very famous in the world because of several reasons. It is famous as the birthplace of the notable composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  If you visit the city, you can also enjoy the baroque architecture. Moreover, you can also enjoy the Salzburg Festival. Do you know that the interesting movie “The Sound of Music” was shot in the city? Get facts about Mozart here.

Salzburg Facts 2: the interesting location

Salzburg is located in the interesting landscape. You find out a lot of lakes in the city. It is also surrounded by some beautiful hills. You can also spot the dazzling look of the Alps.

Salzburg View

Salzburg View

Salzburg Facts 3: the tourism

The tourism in Salzburg is great for people who are interested to know the scenic alpine landscape, palaces and historic centers in the city.

Salzburg Facts 4: the climate

Can you guess the climate in Salzburg? It is included as the area with continental climate if you check the classification of Koppen climate. The annual rainfall in Salzburg is high during the summer season.

Salzburg Pic

Salzburg Pic

Salzburg Facts 5: the population

In 1935, the population in Salzburg increased because several municipalities were included in the city.   Moreover, many refugees decided to settle in Salzburg after World War II.

Salzburg Facts 6: the increased population

There were around 100,000 people who lived in Salzburg in 1950s. In 2006, the report stated that the number of population surpassed 150,000 people.

Salzburg Image

Salzburg Imag

Salzburg Facts 7: Romanesque and Gothic churches

The Romanesque and Gothic churches are included as the top popular architectural attraction to find in Salzburg.  If you want to know the largest basilica in the north of Alps, you can go to Cathedral of Archbishop Conrad of Wittelsbach.

Salzburg Facts 8: the old towns

Some of the old towns to visit are Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg, Salzburg Cathedral, Nonnberg Abbey, Mozart’s Birthplace, and Hohensalzburg Castle.

Salzburg Facts

Salzburg Facts

Salzburg Facts 9: education

Salzburg is also a center of education.  It is the home of Alma Mater European, University of Salzburg and Mozarteum University of Salzburg. Get facts about Austria here.

Salzburg Facts 10: the famous citizens

The famous citizens of Salzburg include Christian Doppler, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Michael Haydn, Stefan Zweig, King Otto of Greece and many more.

Facts about Salzburg

Facts about Salzburg

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