10 Interesting Radium Facts

Saturday, January 3rd 2015. | Science

Let me show you the interesting Radium Facts if you want to know one of the alkaline earth metals. You can check out the periodic table. It is located on the second column. Radium is the sixth element. Compared to other elements of alkaline earth metal, this item is the heaviest one. Here are some interesting radium facts for you:

Radium Facts 1: the atomic weight and number

The atomic weight of radium is 226, while the atomic number is 88. The symbol of this alkaline earth metal in periodic table is Ra.

Radium Facts 2: the melting and boiling point

Can you guess the melting point of radium? It comes at 1292 degree F or 700 degree C. The boiling point is at 2084 degree F or 1140 degree C. The density is at 5.5 grams per cm cubed.

Radium Bottles

Radium Bottles

Radium Facts 3: who discovered it?

In 1898, radium was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie. Both were couple. Radium has 88 protons and 88 electrons. In the outer shell, it has 2 valence electrons.

Radium Facts 4: silver metal

Radium has the silver metal color when you place it under the standard condition. But you can find this metal glowing in the dark. It emits the light since radium is radioactive. You have to be careful when handling this alkaline earth metal.

Radium Facts

Radium Facts

Radium Facts 5: black coating

You can see a black coating when you expose radium into the air.  The black coating is formed because radium interacted with nitrogen. Radium can also react with other elements on air.

Radium Facts 6: dangerous radiation

The radiation of radium is very dangerous. It is as radioactive as one million times of uranium.  The people who are exposed to radium can develop cancer in the body. The worst thing is that radium can make people die.

Radium Glows

Radium Glows

Radium Facts 7: Marie Curie

Marie Curie is one of the famous scientists in the world. She discovered the metal with his husband Pierre. Do you know that she passed away because of too much exposure of radiation? Get facts about Marie Curie here.

Radium Facts 8: the rare element

It is not easy to find out the natural state of radium on earth since it is included as one of the rare elements in the world. But people can find out radium in uranium ore. Find out another element in Radon facts.

Radium Pic

Radium Pic

Radium Facts 9: uranium mining

To get a gram of radium, the miners have to find 7 tons of uranium ore. Every year, the mines can only produce a few ounces.

Radium Facts 10: usage of radium

Today radium is often used in paint since it can create glowing effect. You can see it in various instruments such as watches and clocks.  Radium is also used in research, toothpaste and cancer treatment.



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