10 Interesting UFO Facts

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UFO Facts discuss the unidentified flying object. It is often defined as the apparent anomaly in the sky. Since we do know whether it is a real phenomenon or object, it is called an unidentified one. UFO has been a popular subject today. It has been depicted in various fictional books, movies and other forms of literature. Some believe that UFO is a part of conspiracy theories of the government or even the extraterrestrial life. Let us check other interesting facts about UFO below:

UFO Facts 1: the sightings

The sightings of UFO claimed by the people were in low quality so that UFO is still unidentified until today. Some believe that UFO exists. Others do not.

UFO Facts 2: the belief about UFO

The belief about UFO was traced back since the antiquity. However, the term UFO was used to call the celestial apparition in 1953. USAF or US Air Force used the term to call the phenomenon and object.



UFO Facts 3: the term UFO in 1940s and 1950s

The flying disc or flying saucer was the common terms used to call the UFO in 1940s and 1950s. In the late 1950s, people like to use the term UFO.

UFO Facts 4: the high interest

The high interest about UFO was spotted in the period of Cold War between Soviet Union and United States because people concerned with the national security. However, there was a conclusion that UFO did not intimidate the national security based on a number of studies.

UFO Image

UFO Image

UFO Facts 5: the observations about UFO

When people believed that they spotted UFO on the sky, the studies believed that the common objects like bright planets, meteors, nacreous clouds, balloons and common aircraft were often mistakenly identified as UFO.

UFO Facts 6: alien spacecrafts

That UFO was the alien spacecraft was believed by the proponents of ETH, which stands for extraterrestrial hypothesis. Check facts about the Milky Way here.

UFO Facts

UFO Facts

UFO Facts 7: scientific papers

Even though UFO is still an interesting subject to talk among the scientists, there is no scientific paper about UFO, which has been officially published.

UFO Facts 8: Ufology

The collective efforts of the people who try to study the observations and sightings of UFO are called Ufology.



UFO Facts 9: the example of UFO sighting

John Martin was a local farmer who viewed a dark circular object, which looked like a flying balloon in the sky. It was reported in an article of the Denison Daily News on 25th January 1878. Find facts about solar eclipse here.

UFO Facts 10: saucer

Martin said that the flying object had the size of a saucer when he talked to the newspaper. Then the word saucer was used to call the object.

Facts about UFO

Facts about UFO

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