10 Interesting Element Facts

Thursday, January 9th 2014. | Science

Element facts make you closer with the world of chemistry. It is fun and interesting to study about chemistry. You will love to find out many elements in the periodic table. You can see the period table that there are many elements there. You can find iron, bromine, einsteinium, gallium, xenon and many more.

Element Facts 1: liquid

Bromine and mercury are the only elements in the periodic table which come in a liquid form if they are placed at a room temperature. If you hold gallium in a room temperature, you can see it lump on your hand.

Element Facts 2: salt

If you have a full glass of water and you pour handful of salt inside the glass, the level of the water will be decreased. Don’t worry; the salt will never make the water overflowing.

Element Chemistry

Element Chemistry

Element Facts 3: freezing water

When you freeze water, it will expand the volume. The water that you use to create an ice cube will be expanded for about 9 percent.

Element Facts 4: NaCl in human body

Can you tell me the composition of NaCl in an adult human body? The researchers find out that an adult human body has ½ lb or 250 gram NaCl or salt.

Element facts

Element facts

Element Facts 5: pure elements

There are many forms of pure elements that you can see on earth. You can find out the pure of element of carbon in graphite and diamond.

Element Facts 6: H2O

H2O is water. Do you know the chemical name for this element? It is called dihydrogen monoxide.



Element Facts 7: periodic table

You can find out many letters appear in the periodic table. The only missing letter in the table is the alphabet J.

Element Facts 8: lightning

It seems that people hate lightning so much because it makes you terrified. However, lightning has a benefit for the earth protection. When a lightning strikes, it can produce ozone or O3. Thus, the layer of the zone will be strengthened when the lightning strikes the air.



Element Facts 9: the non silvery metals

Most metals that you can find on earth have the silvery look. The only two non silvery metals include copper and gold.

Element Facts 10: oxygen

When oxygen comes in its gas form, you can find no color. However, you can find it in blue color, if the oxygen comes in solid and liquid form.



The most abundant element in this universe is hydrogen. However, 49.5 percent of the earth’s crust, oceans and surface contain oxygen. Are you satisfied with facts about element?

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