10 Interesting Apollo 13 Facts

Sunday, November 10th 2013. | Science

Apollo 13 facts present another lunar mission. Many people consider the mission as a successful failure. Thanks’ god all crew members inside the spacecraft did not die during the mission. If you are curious about what happens during the mission, see the complete facts below:

Apollo 13 Facts 1: crew members

The crew members of Apollo 13 mission include the commander, James A. Lovell, the command module pilot, John L. Jack Swigert, and the lunar module pilot Fred W. Haise.

Apollo 13 Facts 2: accident

Apollo 13 mission is considered as a big failure because the spacecraft was burned. They had to find the way to reach a safe place due to the crippled rocket.

apollo13 recovery

apollo13 recovery

Apollo 13 Facts 3: advancement in aeronautical technology

People can make a good plan when they do a certain thing. But the earth is so unpredictable that the advancement in aeronautical technology found on the rocket was easily burned and crippled into pieces.

Apollo 13 Facts 4:13

The number 13 attached to the name on the mission is always linked with this accident. 13 is always connected with bad luck which made the rocket burned and crippled.

apollo13 rocket

apollo13 rocket

Apollo 13 Facts 5: launch time

The launching time of Apollo 13 was at 13:13 CST on 11th April, 1970 from the Kennedy Space Center. Scrutinize the date digit. If you sum 4/11/70, it will be 13. The burning of the rocked occurred on April 13th.

Apollo 13 Facts 6: Commander James A. Lovell

Commander James A. Lovell was one of the best astronauts in the world. This man has circled the moon with the mission in Apollo 8. He had spent 715 hours and 5 minutes on the space. In the Apollo11 mission, he became the backup commander to Neil Armstrong.

Apollo 13 crew

Apollo 13 crew

Apollo 13 Facts 7: oxygen tank 2

Oxygen tank 2 could be the reason why the Apollo 13 failed to impress. It is stated that oxygen tank was not properly worked before it was placed on the Apollo 13 space craft.

Apollo 13 Facts 8: weight loss

Being an astronaut is not an easy thing to do. They have to lower the weight due to the destroyed command service module. It makes the astronauts have to reduce the 30 pound of their weight.

Apollo 13 facts

Apollo 13 facts

Apollo 13 Facts 9: Stowage System

Stowage system is also the main problem that the crew faced because they did not know the place to throw the urine.

Apollo 13 Facts 10: super rocket

The super rocket was used by the crew during the Apollo 13 mission. The rocket is called as Saturn V.  This rocket is very tall because it was higher than liberty Statue.

Apollo 13 Prime Crew

Apollo 13 Prime Crew

People all over the world prayed from a safe landing from the three members of Apollo 13. Many countries such as France, Russia and Britain offered a help to make a safe landing on their ships. What do you think on facts about Apollo 13?

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