10 Interesting Rhode Island Facts

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Rhode Island facts serve you with fascinating history, beautiful palace and unique information about the smallest state in US. The area only spans at 1,214 square miles. The east to west covers 37 miles, while the north to south extends for 48 miles. Here are the complete facts about Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Facts 1: The Last State

The first original states in US are only 13. Rhode Island is the last one from the thirteen colonies. This smallest state makes up 39 municipalities without a county government. Each municipality is run by a local government.

Rhode Island Facts 2: Flying Horse Carousel

If you want to know the oldest carousel in the nation, you can get to Watch Hill, Rhode Island. It is called as the Flying Horse Carousel.

Rhode Island Facts

Rhode Island Facts

Rhode Island Facts 3: Cogswell Tower

Cogswell Tower is located in Central falls. It is part of history in Rhode Island. The tower was constructed in 1904. It was sued as the last testament for Carole Cogswell. In 1676, the tower was used as an Indian observation point.

Rhode Island Facts 4: Judge Darius Baker

The first jail sentence in Rhode Island is conducted by Judge Darius Baker. It was charged on 28 August 1904 in the case of speeding a car in Newport.

Rhode Island in the Past

Rhode Island in the Past

Rhode Island Facts 5: St. Mary’s Church

The oldest Roman Catholic parish in Rhode Island is called as St. Mary’s. It was constructed in 1828. Many people recognize this church because it was used as a wedding altar by the famous former president John Fitzgerald Kennedy who married Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953. Read North Dakota facts to know another interesing state.

Rhode Island Facts 6: Ann and Hope

Ann and Hope was firstly opened in Rhode Island. It is considered as the first department in US.

Rhode Island Map

Rhode Island Map

Rhode Island Facts 7: New England Pest Control in Providence

New England Pest Control in Providence is the place where you can enjoy the largest bug in the world. Compared to the actual termite size, it is 928 times bigger. This big blue termite is made in 58 feet of length.

Rhode Island Facts 8: Channing Memorial Church

Channing Memorial Church was built in 1880. The name was derived from a leader Unitarian Church and the abolitionist movement named William Ellery Channing. One of the famous people who attended the church was Julia Ward Howe. This woman is the great author of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

Rhode Island Scenery

Rhode Island Scenery

Rhode Island Facts 9: Newport

Newport is one of the important cities in Rhode Island. It is the home to the oldest library’s building in US.  It was The Redwood Library and Athenaeum. Look at Washington DC facts to know another unique city in US.

Rhode Island Facts 10: The Touro Synagogue

The oldest synagogue in North America is taken by The Touro Synagogue. It was constructed in 1763.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island

If you want to know the oldest schoolhouse in the country, you can visit Portsmouth.  It was constructed in 1716. Do you want to give more facts about Rhode Island?

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