10 Interesting Washington DC Facts

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Washington DC facts give the full information about the federal government, demography, population and geography of the American city. The District of Columbia serves as a unique city in USA. It is cosmopolitan city which attract many tourists each year even though the city also serves as location of federal government. Here are some interesting facts about Washington DC:

Washington DC Facts 1: Population

According to a census conducted in 2000, the area is inhabited by more than 572,000 people. Five Virginia cities, five Virginia counties and seven counties in Maryland are included on the Washington DC metropolis area. The people living there are around 5.4 million inhabitants.

Washington DC Facts 2: Foundation of DC

Washington DC was established in 1791. DC was the first capital of US before it was included in Washington. Other cities in US which had been used as the capital state in US include Annapolis, Philadelphia and New York.

Washington DC at Night

Washington DC at Night

Washington DC Facts 3: Name

Washington DC is a combination of two names. The name Washington is derived from George Washington. He is the first US president. DC stands for District of Columbia. It is taken from the name the famous Christopher Columbus. If you want toenjoy a relaxing state, look at Missouri facts.

Washington DC Facts 4: Federal District

You are so wrong if you think that DC is a state or a city. It is a federal district with unique features. The establishment of DC is used for the government seats.

Washington DC Facts

Washington DC Facts

Washington DC Facts 5: Climate

Living in Washington DC will be enjoyable for some people. It has mild climate. The summer season usually is very hot. The winter time is often filled with rain.   You can enjoy the comfortable season when the easy summer, fall and spring come.

Washington DC Facts 6: Industries in DC

Washington DC is not only filled with government office. You can also see many industries built here. The industries are concentrated in the fields of medicine, education, trade association, international finance, and publishing. Another big state is seen on New York facts.

Washington DC Map

Washington DC Map

Washington DC Facts 7: Metropolitan Area

If you take a look at the metropolitan area of Washington DC, you can see the big corporations such as International Monetary Fund, Exxon Mobil, Amtrak, Marriott, and XM Radio.

Washington DC Facts 8: Size

Washington DC spans on the area of 68.25 square miles. It has the elevation of 23 feet.



Washington DC Facts 9: Rivers

There are two major rivers located in DC. Both are Anacostia and Potomac.

Washington DC Facts 10: Parks

If you want to enjoy a great vacation in DC, you can visit the major parks in DC. Those include National Mall and Anacostia Park, C & O Canal National Historical Park, and Rock Creek Park.

U.S. Capitol

U.S. Capitol

To run the federal district, this area should have the government official.  The government is run by a mayor, 13 elected members of DC council, State Board of Education, Congressional Delegation and Neighborhood Commissions. Do you have any more information on facts about Washington DC?

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