10 Interesting Washington State Facts

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Washington State facts present the information about the only state in US named after the President of US. The state is well known as a producer of apples. It can serve the country with more apples compared to other states in US. The glaciers in the states are abundant. You can enjoy the view by visiting Washington. Here the complete facts about Washington State:

Washington State Facts 1: Everett

If you want to know the largest building in the world, you can go to Everett. This is the site where people will assemble Boeing planes.

Washington State Facts 2: Bill Gates

Bill Gates lives in Washington State. This man is famous with his Microsoft Corporation. This wealthiest man has a house in Medina.

Washington Gateway

Washington Gateway

Washington State Facts 3: Internet Companies

There are many internet companies with a home base in Washington. Some of them include Marchex, Amazon.com, Whitepages.com, and Classmates.com,

Washington State Facts 4: Non-Religious People

Compared to any other states in US, the people with no religion is the highest rate.  The people enrolled in church membership are also in the lowest one.

Washington State Area

Washington State Area

Washington State Facts 5: King County

King County is the largest county in Washington State. The name of the county was originally derived from the name of vice president of Franklin Pierce William R King. In 1986, it was renamed after the name of Dr Martin LutherKing Jr. He was a civil right leader. Look at Oregon facts to know the big counties.

Washington State Facts 6: Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is considered as one of the biggest companies in the world. The owner is Bill Gates. It is located in Redmond.

Washington State Map

Washington State Map

Washington State Facts 7: Columbia

In the past before Washington was included as a state, people called it as Columbia. When the area is included as a state, it is renamed as Washington. Thus, people will never confuse to differentiate it with District of Columbia. Get more info about the Spanish speaking people in US in New Mexico facts.

Washington State Facts 8: Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is the highest point in the state. The name of the mountain is derived from the name of a British soldier called as Peter Rainier. He was famous in a Revolutionary war against the American people.

Washington State

Washington State

Washington State Facts 9: Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge

One of the main buildings in Washington is Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge. The bridge connects Medina and Seattle through Lake Washington. The location of the bridge is at Evergreen Point. It is considered as the longest floating bridge in the world.

Washington State Facts 10: Famous People

The famous people such as Bing Crosby and Jimi Hendrix were born in Washington. Tacoma is the birthplace of Bing Crosby, while Seattle is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix.

Washington State Facts

Washington State Facts

I believe that you already know about Starbuck. This is the famous coffee chain. You can find it around the world. Starbuck was firstly established in Seattle. The largest city in Washington is Seattle, while the state capital in Washington is Olympia. What do you think on facts about Washington?

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