10 Interesting Uttar Pradesh Facts

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Let us find out the most populous state in Republic of India on Uttar Pradesh Facts. During the British rule, the region was called United Province on 1st April 1937. In 1950, it was called Uttar Pradesh.  The capital is Lucknow. The industrial centers of the state include Varanasi, Bulandshahr, Ghaziabad, Bareilly and Allahabad. It is inhabited by at least 200 million people. The northern state is bounded by other states like Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

Uttar Pradesh Facts 1: the area

The area of Uttar Pradesh accounts for 6.88 percent of the India’s total area. It spans on the area of 93,933 square miles or 243,290 sq km.

Uttar Pradesh Facts 2: the official language

The official language of Uttar Pradesh is Hindi.  The people in 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh speak Hindi.

Facts about Uttar Pradesh

Facts about Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Facts 3: the GDP

The GDP of Uttar Pradesh is very high. It earns US$150 billion. In India, it is the third largest state by economy.

Uttar Pradesh Facts 4: the major sources of economy

The major sources of economy in Uttar Pradesh are from the service and agricultural industries. Find facts about Himachal Pradesh here.

Uttar Pradesh Flower

Uttar Pradesh Flower

Uttar Pradesh Facts 5: the service industry

Financial consultancy, insurance, travel and tourism, real estate and hotel industry make up the service sector.

Uttar Pradesh Facts 6: the primary rivers

The Yamuna and Ganges are the two primary rivers, which flow in Uttar Pradesh. Check facts about the West Regions here.

Uttar Pradesh Pic

Uttar Pradesh Pic

Uttar Pradesh Facts 7: the point of interest

Uttar Pradesh has various points of interest. You can come here to enjoy the religious, natural and historical attraction.  Visit Agra, Muzaffarnagar, and Ballia to enjoy great attractions. In Agra, you can spot Taj Mahal.

Uttar Pradesh Facts 8: the climate

The humid subtropical climate is experienced by the people who live in Uttar Pradesh. It has four seasons. In June to September, people have the monsoon season. The summer season takes place in March to May. In January and February, the winter season occurs.



Uttar Pradesh Facts 9: the extreme temperature

The extreme temperature is mainly spotted during the summer season. The temperature may reach 0 degree Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius in some areas of the state.

Uttar Pradesh Facts 10: the natural resources

Uttar Pradesh has plentiful natural resources. The geographical area of the state contains 6,403 square miles of forested area.  The wild area features the medicinal plants. The temperate upper mountainous forests are the home for insects, reptiles, mammals and trees.



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