10 Interesting Georgia Facts

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Georgia facts give the information about the states in US. It is the home to the Okefenokee Swamp.  There are hundreds of species living in the canals. You can see various endangered animals and birds with lily pad prairies. Here are the complete facts of Georgia:

Georgia Facts 1: Cumberland Island National Seashore

Cumberland Island National Seashore is wonderful and amazing.  The visitors can enjoy the ruins of Dungeness. You can also see the wild horses spreading around the national seashore.

Georgia Facts 2: Oldest City

The second oldest city is located in Georios. It is on the Historic Saint Mary’s. See another city in Arizona facts.

Georgia at Night

Georgia at Night

Georgia Facts 3: Blackbeard Island

Blackbeard Island is the home of the famous pirate named Edward Blackbeard Teach.  The Blackbeard Wilderness Area is designated by the congress in 1975. It covers the land for 3000 acres.

Georgia Facts 4: Ways Station

On May 1941, Ways Station was renamed Richmond Hill. The name is taken from the automaker of the winter estate for Henry Ford.

Georgia facts

Georgia facts

Georgia Facts 5: Chicken Capital of the World

Chicken Capital of the World is located in Gainesville. If you visit the city, you need to understand the rule. It is illegal for the people to eat the chicken with a fork.

Georgia Facts 6: Name

The name Georgia was taken from the name from King George II of England.

Georgia in Green Location

Georgia in Green Location

Georgia Facts 7: Stone Mountain

One of the largest single masses of exposed granite can be seen in Stone Mountain. It is located in Atlanta.

Georgia Facts 8: Commodity

The state is considered as the leading producer for peaches, pecans and peanuts.



Georgia Facts 9: Bull Barbecue Championship

Bull Barbecue Championship gathers all people in George and other nearby states to watch the Hawkinsville Civitan Club’s Annual Shoot. The fund is raised in this annual gathering. They will use the money for the cure for the disabilities and Down syndrome patients.

Georgia Facts 10: International Poultry Trade Show

International Poultry Trade Show is celebrated in Georgia. It is considered as the largest poultry convention in the world. Read North Carolina facts here.

Georgia's Locals

Georgia’s Locals

The people who want to enjoy the sweetest onion in the world can go to the field around Vidalia and Glenville. It’s the home to the unique Vidalia onion. The people inhabited Georgia in 1776 were only 40,000 individuals. Masters Golf Tournament is held annually in Augusta national. You just have to go to Augusta in the first week of April to enjoy the fabulous match. Many people call Georgia as the cracker state or peach state. Do you have any more facts about Georgia?

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