10 Interesting South Carolina Facts

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It is okay if you have not gone to South Carolina since you can find the important information about this state in South Carolina facts. You can see an old covered bridge in south California. It is called Campbell’s Covered Bridge. The location of this bridge is off Hwy 14 near Gowensville. It was constructed in 1909. Get more facts below:

South Carolina Facts 1: Charleston Harbor

If you visit Charleston Harbor, don’t forget to visit walls of the American fort on Sullivan Island. The walls are unique because they are made from spongy Palmetto logs. The logs were used as protection against the British cannonballs.

South Carolina Facts 2: Union

South Carolina is considered as the 8th state joined the union in 23 May 1788. See Virginia facts here.

South Carolina And Beach

South Carolina And Beach

South Carolina Facts 3: City of Myrtle Beach

If you decide to have a vacation in South Carolina, you need to visit City of Myrtle Beach. It is one of the favorite resorts and destinations for the people who want to enjoy a great beach. The city is in the center of Grand Strand.

South Carolina Facts 4: Official State Dance

Shag is picked as the official state dance, while the official state amphibian is salamander. This state is also called to be the leading peach producer in US.

South Carolina Attraction

South Carolina Attraction

South Carolina Facts 5: Black River Swamp Preserve

Black River Swamp Preserve is a slow moving river situated near Andrews. The water is like the color of a tea because of the high concentration of organic carbon. Look at Georgia facts here.

South Carolina Facts 6: Bill Voiselle

Bill Voiselle was the only major league baseball player who wore the name of his home town on his uniform. He picked number 96. This man played as a pitcher.

South Carolina Facts

South Carolina Facts

South Carolina Facts 7: McCormick

McCormick is the smallest county in South Carolina. It only has the land of 360 square mile. If you want to know the largest one, visit Horry. It has the area of 1,134 square miles.

South Carolina Facts 8: South Carolina Poultry Festival

If you want to enjoy a unique festival in South Carolina you can come to here in early May. It will be held the annual South Carolina Poultry Festival.

South Carolina Museum

South Carolina Museum

South Carolina Facts 9: An Elevated Water Storage Tank

An elevated water storage tank was created by The Board of Public Works. The storage tank was in the shape of a peach. It was created in 1981.

South Carolina Facts 10: Tyler Brothers Work Shoe and Boot Company

Wagener is the home of Tyler Brothers Work Shoe and Boot Company. The company is famous with their products of footwear such as Northlake, Redwing, Wolverine and Georgia.

South Carolina

South Carolina

The oldest minor league stadium is located in Spartanburg. It is called Duncan Park Baseball Stadium. Pendleton District Agricultural Museum is the home to the first boll weevil. The people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature through exploration can go to the Edisto River Canoe & Kayak Trail. It allows you to explore the 66 miles of river. Do you want to add more facts about South Carolina?

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