10 Interesting Rhino Facts

Saturday, July 20th 2013. | Animals

If your kids like to know more and more about animals, inform them with rhino facts. Rhino is another giant animal which can attract the curiosity of a kid. You can give them the right information about the weight, diet, types of skin and the different species of rhino. Here are the facts to realize:

Rhino Facts 1: Rhinoceros’ Name

The name rhinoceros sometimes is called as rhino. The term has a meaning of a nose horn animal.

Rhino Facts 2: Species

There are five different species of rhino to explain to your kids. The two species are native to Africa, while the three species are native to southern Asia. Those are Indian Rhinoceros, Black Rhinoceros, Sumatran Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros, and Javan Rhinoceros

Nose Horn

Nose Horn

Rhino Facts 3: Weight of Rhino

Rhino is a big animal.  Generally the weight of this animal can reach more than 2200 lb. or 1000 kilogram. The white rhino can have the weight more than 7700 lb. or 3500 kilogram. If you want to have  acute pet, see it on Golden Retriever facts.

Rhino Facts 4: White Rhino

White rhino is considered as the biggest one among all of the rhino species.  It is also seen as the second largest mammal in the world. The first biggest mammal is taken by elephants.

Rhino facts

Rhino facts

Rhino Facts 5: Endangered Animal

Rhino is subject to extinction. They are hunted by people and suffer because of the habitat’s loss. Three of five species of rhinos are included on the endangered animal list. If you like a small and funny animal, check hedgehog facts.

Rhino Facts 6: Rhinoceros Horns

When you are asked about rhino, you will always think the nose horn of this animal. The horn is created from keratin. It is a kind of protein that is used to make up hair and fingernails.



Rhino Facts 7: Small Brain

You are wrong if you think that the big body of rhino also gives him a big brain.  This huge animal only has a small brain.

Rhino Facts 8: Skin

Have you ever touched rhino? The skin is functioned as protection because it is thick and hard.

black rhino

black rhino

Rhino Facts 9: Ill Temperament

It is better for you to stay away from rhino because this animal has an ill temper. Their eyesight is poor. If you close to the rhino suddenly, it makes them surprised and frightened. This nearsighted animal has a great sense of smell and hearing.

Rhino Facts 10: Javan Rhino

Javan rhino is considered as the rarest rhino in the world. The animal can be seen preserved on the Ujung Kulon National Park Indonesia and Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam. It is estimated that only 50 javan rhinos are survived.

Rhino Fact

Rhino Fact

Despite the biggest body, rhinos can run fast.  You can see that a black rhino can run in the speed up to 40 miles per hour. Based on the source of the international rhino foundation, it is stated that zebra, horses and tapirs have closest relation with rhino. Are you impressed with facts about rhino?

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