10 Interesting Grasshopper Facts

Monday, March 3rd 2014. | Animals

Grasshopper facts can be your additional information to discuss about related to this animal. It can be so much beneficial if you want to learn more about this animal. The way you learn about it can be determined by the quality of the source. The facts below can be your basic.

Grasshopper Facts 1: grasshopper and locust

It is a fact that grasshopper and locust is the same thing. Although people have different perception towards those 2 animals, they are the same. People recognize grasshopper as the animal which they often catch in their childhood while locusts are just plagues or pests.

Grasshopper Facts 2: ears on bellies

Grasshopper has ears on their bellies. It is very unique fact indeed. Such auditory organs are located within unusual location. They have tympana which may help them in hearing the songs of their fellows.

Grasshopper Animal

Grasshopper Animal

Grasshopper Facts 3: problem in distinguish pitches

It is true that grasshoppers can hear. Yet, they cannot distinguish pitches clearly. This animal has simple structures of auditory organs. The song of male grasshopper song isn’t particularly melodic. Different species can produce different rhythm characteristic actually.

Grasshopper Facts 4: crepitating

Crepitating is the method conducted by grasshopper in how to make music. The sounds produced are very complicated. The band-winged grasshopper can crepitate and they can snap their wings loudly when they fly.

Grasshopper facts

Grasshopper facts

Grasshopper Facts 5: flying

You need to know that this animal can fly. It is because grasshoppers have powerful jumping legs. People sometimes don’t realize that grasshopper has wings too.

Grasshopper Facts 6: catapulting

The way grasshoppers jump, it is by catapulting themselves to the air.  You can test this by trying to catch grasshopper. They will jump if they are in danger.

Grasshopper Nature

Grasshopper Nature

Grasshopper Facts 7: damages

This animal has the responsibility in dealing with damages of food crops. It occurs worldwide actually. A grasshopper will not cause much harm. The problem occurs when it is in colony.

Grasshopper Facts 8:  source of protein

Do you know that people eat grasshopper? Such animal is the important source of protein. They consider grasshopper as delicious food.

Grasshopper Pic

Grasshopper Pic

Grasshopper Facts 9:  dinosaurs

There is interesting fact as well that grasshopper existed long before dinosaurs. This animal evolved 200 millions year ago.

Grasshopper Facts 10: spitting

This animal is recognized sometimes in spitting brown liquid. The purpose is to defend themselves against any different predators.



Many people have different idea in gathering facts about Grasshopper. The facts above are very useful for any of you right? So, just be so much considerate about it later. Therefore, you can take benefit more about it in how to get along well with further information.

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