10 Interesting Golden Retriever Facts

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Golden Retriever facts inform the people who really like dog about one of the best dog breeds in the world. This breeding is popular not only among people but also kids. This animal is a suitable companion for the people who need a friend in their lonely time. Here are some interesting golden retriever facts to note.

Golden Retriever Facts 1: Temperament

Before you have a dog as a pet at home, you need to choose the right breed. Most golden retriever has the temperament of friendly, confident and alert. It can be a perfect family pet.

Golden Retriever Facts 2: Physical Description

When it comes about the physical description, the animal is strong, sturdy and powerful. The size is ranging from medium or a large one.  Most of them have short ears.Look hegdehog facts to realize a unique animal.

Golden Retriever Facts

Golden Retriever Facts

Golden Retriever Facts 3: Size of Golden Retriever

The height of this animal is ranging between 21 and 25 inches. The weight of golden retriever is around 60 to 80 pounds.

Golden Retriever Facts 4: Colors of Golden Retriever

Just like its name suggested Golden retriever has the fur color ranging from gold to cream.  The body is covered with silky and long fur with water proof undercoat.

Golden Retriever in the Garden

Golden Retriever in the Garden

Golden Retriever Facts 5: Origin of Breed

The breed comes from England. The new breed animal actually is purposed as gundogs.

Golden Retriever Facts 6: Life Span

The life span of golden retriever is around 10 up to 12 years. The animals are also called as Golden Labrador retriever.

Golden Retriever Swimming

Golden Retriever Swimming

Golden Retriever Facts 7: Year of Life

When the dog is on the first year of life, it can be considered as an adult. It is equivalent with 16 years old human being. When the golden retriever reaches the second year, it is similar with 24 year old human. When it comes in the third year, it is equivalent with 30 years old.

Golden Retriever Facts 8: Health Problem

When you decide to have a golden retriever as a pet, you need to know that this animal is prone to some health problems such as the epilepsy, eye problem and Hip Dysplasia.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Facts 9: Job of Golden Retriever

The main job of Golden retriever in the past was as a gun dog to retrieve the game bird, waterfowl and duck.

Golden Retriever Facts 10: Cost of Having a Dog

If you own a medium sized dog, you need to ensure that you can prepare the cost of living.  Since the life span is about 10 years, you need to spend at least $13,000 to raise it.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

The first breed of golden retriever was introduced to the world in the beginning of 19th century. In a year, more than 85 percent dogs just like Golden retriever will visit a vet. Do you have any more information to add on facts about Golden retriever?

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