10 Interesting Hedgehog Facts

Thursday, July 18th 2013. | Animals

If you like to know the unique animals, you can read the whole explanation about hedgehog facts. Hedgehog is not a familiar animal. Some kids do not realize about the small mammal animal. The animal likes to eat insect. It has spiny back. When it is attacked, the animal will roll the body into a ball as a protection. Read the detail in for about hedgehog below:

Hedgehog Facts 1: Origin of Hedgehog

It is stated that hedgehog is native to several regions such as Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Hedgehog Facts 2: Spines

Hedgehog is a very unique animal because it has 500 spines. The spines can drop and grow again as a replacement. Each spine will only last for a year.

Baby Hedgehog

Baby Hedgehog

Hedgehog Facts 3: Flea

It seems that hedgehog is not a great pet for your kids because one hedgehog usually contains 500 fleas. The species of flea located on hedgehog is called as Archaepsylla erinacei. This flea will never bite human being. Another animal which has flea is seen on monkey facts.

Hedgehog Facts 4: Spines of Hedgehog

The spine of hedgehog is springy and hollow. This animal can round like a ball because the neck is very flexible. It can resist to impact as the base of the spines is a smooth ball.

Cute hedgehog

Cute hedgehog

Hedgehog Facts 5: Food Hunting

In order to survive, hedgehog needs to hunt for food. What they need to do is focusing on the smell and hearing sense. They cannot lay the hunting by using eyes. The hedgehog visual ability is rather weak.

Hedgehog Facts 6: Unique Habit

Each animal has unique habit just like a hedgehog. This animal when stimulated by a strong smell will use saliva to cover the prickles. No expert knows the meaning of this habit.You will be informed with wild animal by reading white tiger facts.

Funny Hedgehog

Funny Hedgehog

Hedgehog Facts 7: Hedgehog Food

When it comes about food, hedgehog is very friendly to your garden. It can eat so many pets in the garden. The animal also likes the food eaten by a cat or a dog.

Hedgehog Facts 8: Solitary Animal

Most hedgehogs are solitary animal. It means that the female and male hedgehog only gathers when they mate. They will separate each other after the mating is over. The male has no responsibility to rear the baby hedgehog. When the mating process comes, the male will persuade the female to mate. It usually takes hours. The male will circle the female hedgehog to do it.

Hedgehog Animal

Hedgehog Animal

Hedgehog Facts 9: The Newborn Hedgehogs

The newborn hedgehog will be under the mother’s protection up to 7 weeks. The other male hedgehogs like to eat the youngsters.  In rare case, the mother eats the younger baby if the nest is disturbed.

Hedgehog Facts 10: Species of Hedgehog

Hedgehog has 15 species. The main food that he likes to eat is insect. This nocturnal animal is born in blind condition.

Hedgehog Facts

Hedgehog Facts

Most hedgehogs have the weight around 1.5 to 2.0 kilograms. You can find the animal on the open wood, and fields. Are you fascinated with facts about hedgehog?

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